Mexicans Vigilantes with Guns Taking Back Their Towns, No Mention by the Mainstream Media

Mexicans Vigilantes
Mexicans Vigilantes
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights

Texas –-( There’s been a lot going on in Mexico that has gone un-reported in major American news outlets.

There are multiple instances of citizens arming themselves and going after corrupt police and drug cartels.  They have finally reached the point where they are fed up and understand that only guns in their own hands will secure their peace and safety.

Here is one such story from the BBC:  (see related links on this page for more)

Surprise, surprise–the common people having guns actually brings peace and safety (not to mention justice) to them instead of the death and mayhem that has been ongoing in Mexico…  a modern day testament to the wisdom of our 2nd Amendment, as reported here:

What was the federal government’s response?  Help the people?  No, it was to go in shooting at them.  As this next story shows, the Mexican government is more concerned with citizens arming themselves than protecting them.  They sent troops in firing upon citizens who refused to disarm themselves.

After this disaster, the government got smart and has tried to assimilate what is really a citizen militia into a “Rural Defense Corps,” though the press continues to slander them with the term ‘vigilantes.’  See:

Please rememeber the guns supplied by the BATF in ‘Fast & Furious’ went to the drug cartels, not the citizens, and were used here to argue that the gun violence in Mexico was our fault.

Perhaps now would be a good time for gun rights organizations like GOA, NRA, to print up flyers extolling the virtues of an armed citizenzy in Spanish for wide dissemination in Mexico, and with any luck, perhaps change the laws of Mexico to liberalize gun ownership.

Paul Velte
Peaceable Texans for Firearm Rights

Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights is a grassroots politically active group that began as a rally at the Texas State Capitol on President’s Day, 1994, and we have been active ever since. We are citizens who are tired of the continual, piecemeal destruction of the right to own–and use–firearms and are doing something about it. Visit:

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Corrupt politicians in Mexico outlawed guns for the common peon to avoid being stood against a wall for their crimes, the same reason US politicians want to outlaw private gun ownership. After all the last thing you want your slaves to have is personal weapons.