National Guard Drill: What if 2nd Amendment Supporters Launched Terror Attack?

By AWR Hawkins

National Guard Drill: What if 2nd Amendment Supporters Launched Terror Attack?
National Guard Drill: What if 2nd Amendment Supporters Launched Terror Attack?
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Washington DC – -(  In January 2013, the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit conducted a “training exercise” for a scenario in which “two school employees…[became] disgruntled over the government's interpretation of the Second Amendment” and launched a terror attack.

Details of the training are just now beginning to emerge. obtained documents outlining the training exercise, in which Second Amendment supporters launch a biological attack. The documents describe the exercise as “[centering] around the production of a chemical warfare agent and a biological warfare agent with the intent to cause harm to the community.”

The moments immediately after the attack are described thus:

The public health department reports that an unusually large number of individuals are being treated at local hospitals and urgent care facilities with nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea with flu-like symptoms. More concerning is that many of them have irritated red burning skin with blisters.

On January 18, 2013, Portsmouth's WSAZ News Channel 3 reported: “A dead science teacher, weapons of mass destruction, first responders in Hazmat suits and the Ohio National Guard [were] all [spotted] near the municipal stadium in Portsmouth. [But] there's no cause for alarm–this [was] just a drill!”

Portsmouth Police Chief Bill Raisin defended the exercise and reminded the public that “there is such a thing as domestic terrorism.” 

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  • 12 thoughts on “National Guard Drill: What if 2nd Amendment Supporters Launched Terror Attack?

    1. I for one, will protect my mom and myself, I’m tired of school loan that started at 2500 and now with interest it’s over 14,000, also, the government offspring’s get a waiver for school loans but the poor can’t? the social security funds are taken to pay government bills, money that belongs to the tax payers, we have a corrupt government, and it’s time to act? to get together by the thousands in a peaceful march and demand a change of government, by the people, legally take them to court, if that fails then, you know what to do next, gather this time by the millions and demand a change of government, legally again, peacefully, be ready this if they won’t listen, the law is the people, the government works for us, the tax payer, we are the payers of their salaries, if they won’t listen, then stop paying your taxes legally, boycott the government with peaceful marches, they won’t have any money after some time, sure it will be hard but it’s got to be this way, throw them out of office soon,. amen

    2. When the real Americans do rise up in defense, it wont be an attack. It will be a Revolution. Those responsible for oh so many hight crimes against our Constitution,our People , etc. will pay dearly. Of that they may have little dought.

    3. This is another prime example of how the propagandists educate their “useful idiots” by identifying the terrorists as disgruntled 2nd Amendment supporters. Talk about indoctrination by ignorance…planting an anti-gun message in plain sight!
      I suggest writing letters to or petetioning those responsible for these activities and voicing our disgust in their choice of terminology on identifying these “domestic terrorists”.

    4. Question to the National Guard and United States armed forces , You have to start thinking about whether you will protect and defend the United States constitution and her citizens or a fraudulent president running an openly criminal rogue government . Time to choose is coming and it won’t be as long as you think , furthermOre , a lot of those ” citizens will be your friends and family and another very large portion will be former veterans who still take their oath to protect and defend seriously . STAND BY !!!

    5. Couple of nitpicks with the scenario as laid out by the ONG: If there were to be a “terror attack” caused by disgruntled 2A supporters, do they really think it be only school teachers (are they serious? School teachers?!!) involved? I would submit that it would be a loosely-organized group of “3%-ers” that would take it to the street. Secondly, I think their brains are turned to mush – WHY in the world would someone wanting to protest 2A violations ever want to launch a biological attack on innocent townspeople?!!! Doing so would crush any local support they might have had and, therefore, doom the movement. Far better to take it directly to the forces trying to destroy our country. Granted, a biological attack on innocent persons would make it easier for military/police forces to justify an attack on civilians, so maybe that was their rationale for the exercise. Predicting right now – it won’t come down that way!

    6. Well, Chief Raisin, there is such a thing as “government tyranny” too. The appropriate response to this was well-chronicled circa 1775-1787. I would suggest you research that era in America, and consider VERY carefully how that worked out. (Hint: English muffins were NOT very popular)

    7. This shows what the govement is thinking about doingdown the road they will do something to the american peoplethen say it was someone else like the training was said to be for so be careful and keep your eyes open dont treast the govenment

    8. The verbiage linking “2nd Amendment supporters” and “terror attack” in the same sentence is part of the “messaging” that ultimately gets regurgitated in another form by the media.

    9. I looked at that .PDF from Media Trackers and read down have way to page 21 and they instruct you on how to make the poison ricin.


      And why would they include a copy of the January school lunch menu?

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