Protecting Our Students & Teachers Training Faces Opposition from Kentucky School Boards

By David Cole, President, Aegis Solutions LLC

Make Self Defense Legal
Make Self Defense Legal **
Protecting Our Students and Teachers – Kentucky
Protecting Our Students and Teachers – Kentucky

Kentucky –-(  Soon after the Sandy Hook massacre, reports emerged that in the opening moments of the attack, some school officials had died attempting to rush the killer…empty handed.

They had to know in those last seconds that they were probably going to die…but they loved the children behind them, and they moved forward anyway.

It was a truly heroic act, and it was also completely unnecessary.  Might things have turned out differently, if even one of them had been armed?

Joe Kalil thinks so, and he has a plan to see that no one needs to martyr themselves trying to protect school children ever again.

On February 19th 2014, Kalil is launching a campaign to implement POST-KY, or “Protecting Our Students and Teachers – Kentucky.” 

Developed with the support of local law enforcement, POST-KY is a program designed to train selected school personnel to carry concealed firearms, and how to use them in the event of an “active shooter” attack at their schools.

“But it isn’t just for Kentucky,” says Kalil.  “This is just where we’re starting.  This program will work anywhere.”

This is a very, very good thing.  The “gun free zone” is a evil myth, in schools or anywhere else, and they need to go away.  It makes no sense whatsoever to trust our children’s safety to an imaginary line, across which a law abiding citizen may not carry a gun…and which criminals will simply ignore.  Even worse is to concentrate our children in a central location, and then to post signage advertising that they are defenseless.

Everyone sees the regular stream of news about school shootings, scares, and lockdowns, and everyone agrees it is unacceptable…but there is much disagreement over how to deal with it.  When I spoke with Kalil, he said there are really only six options.  “First of all, you can employ multiple School Resource Officers.  You can hire private, armed security.  Thirdly, you can attempt to fortify the school with hardened doors, metal detectors and the like.  A fourth option would be to simply allow legal concealed carry in schools.  The fifth option would be to accept the status quo and do nothing.  Your sixth option is POST-KY.”

As Kalil explains it, POST-KY is a five and a half day course, modeled very closely after the training program which certifies airline pilots to carry firearms on aircraft.  That’s right…Kalil’s intent is to see school personnel (volunteer only) trained in a fashion similar to the way we train armed airline pilots.  It’s an excellent curriculum and it is very adaptable to schools, as the problem is similar in both environments:  a confined space, vulnerable potential victims, and a last line of defense.

I asked Kalil what was the biggest obstacle facing POST-KY.  You might expect that money would be the big show-stopper, but it isn’t.

“It’s the school boards,” he says.  “I have the sheriffs of three local counties standing in full support, but the school boards won’t touch it.”

He continued, “Individual parents and teachers I speak to are very supportive, but the school boards are not interested.”  So in order to bring POST-KY to life, Kalil needs popular support for the program, and political pressure to move the school boards to action.  To kick off that effort, Kalil is holding a public meeting on February 19th 2014, at the main branch of the Boone County Public Library in Burlington, Kentucky…and he wants to pack the room.

“I want people to be stopping their school board members in the grocery store and asking them why they won’t support it.”

Anyone who claims that our children can be made safe by drawing a line around them is either a fool or a liar, and we should not let either make policy for our schools.  The martyred school administrators of Sandy Hook had the hearts of lions, but not the claws.  Let’s get behind POST-KY, to ensure that our school employees do not have to sacrifice themselves for the sake of political correctness; let’s give them what they need to ensure that anyone who comes to harm our children dies a failure.

Visit the Protecting Our Students and Teachers – Kentucky website for more info:

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Rob Morse

So you’ve brought experts on public violence to the school boards and the school boards ignore their testimony. Do the school board members have any idea about the personal liability they assumed? That sounds like their politics outweighed their common sense.