QDMA Announces Land Certification Pilot Program in KDFWR Bluegrass Wildlife Region

QDMA Land Certification Program
QDMA Land Certification Program
Quality Deer Management Association
Quality Deer Management Association

BOGART, Ga. –-(Ammoland.com)- The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is proud to announce that the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) has qualified all of its wildlife biologists in the Bluegrass Wildlife Region as QDMA Land Certification Program (LCP) inspectors, helping more deer hunters in Kentucky get expert guidance on lands they hunt.

QDMA’s LCP is designed to give deer hunters easy access to local experts who can guide habitat improvements, herd management decisions, and other efforts to increase the quality of deer hunting on private lands. To date, QDMA has more than 220 qualified inspectors, who are trained to evaluate and certify hunting lands against an established list of Quality Deer Management (QDM) standards and performance measures.

“We are thrilled that the KDFWR has decided to pilot the QDMA’s Land Certification Program (LCP) through their private lands wildlife biologists, who already provide hunters, farmers and other private landowners in Kentucky with technical assistance in order to help them meet their wildlife related goals,” said QDMA Certification Programs Manager Matt Ross.

“At its core, the LCP helps create suitable habitats that benefit all local wildlife populations, particularly white-tailed deer, it recognizes the accomplishments of individuals that have turned their land into a model QDM property, and demonstrates to others the value of such improvements.”

“I’m excited that we are able to partner with QDMA and continue efforts to increase professional wildlife technical guidance to landowners within the region,” said KDFWR Wildlife Regional Coordinator Derek J. Beard.

“With the Bluegrass Region offering assistance with the QDMA LCP, we look to recognize accomplishments of landowners implementing QDM as well as encouraging management practices that will improve habitats to sustain diverse wildlife populations, scientifically monitor wildlife populations, identify priority areas and increase landowner participation, as well as build positive relationships with the public.”

There are three levels of the LCP.

  • Pledged Lands – the apprentice level; this designation shows landowners or managers have a commitment to practice QDM.
  • Certified Lands – the first certification level; this designation recognizes that those owning or managing a property successfully practice all aspects of QDM.
  • Legacy Lands – the highest certification level; this designation is only awarded to the model QDM property.

Participants receive on-site guidance from a local, trained expert (LCP inspector) who will in essence provide a “road map” on how to make their property better. Participants also get an attractive sign to display, a certificate of accomplishment and a QDMA membership for duration of the certification (five years).

Those interested in pledging and certifying their land in the Kentucky Bluegrass Wildlife Region may call 1-800-858-1549 and ask for contact information for their Private Lands Biologist. Contact information for your county is also available by visiting the KDFWR website at www.fw.ky.gov and selecting your county in the “Find My County Contact” box located on the right side of the page.

Anyone interested in pledging and certifying their lands with QDMA across the U.S. and in Canada can visit www.qdma.com/corporate/lcp-inspectors to find an inspector near you.

For more information about the LCP please visit http://www.qdma.com/corporate/land-certification.


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