Second Amendment Bigot Bryan Miller Calls Gun Owners ‘Terrorists & Gangsters’

Second Amendment Bigot Bryan Miller
Second Amendment Bigot Bryan Miller
NJ2AS Twitter Army
NJ2AS Twitter Army

New Jersey –-( Last week rabid gun grabber Bryan Miller of Heeding G-d's Call decided that the ONLY people that need more than 10 round magazines are “domestic terrorists and gangsters.”

Well, that's good to know.  Normally, we'd chalk this up to just another crazy gun bigot, which Miller definitely is.  However, this particular gun bigot sat in a room with NJ Senate President Sweeney last year and helped write S2723, the Omnibus Gun Law from Hell.

This year, Sweeney, Miller and Greenwald have decided that lowering magazines from 15 to 10 rounds or less is their number one legislative goal for 2014.

As usual, their tactics include calling anyone who opposes them heinous names like domestic terrorist and gangster.  It's our job to get the following comments out on Twitter, and, I'd like to see you all writing polite letters to the editors in your local NJ news papers.

Keep it short & succinct, and feel free to include this video  I think it is a great 2 minute visual explanation of our views on why magazine limits only hurt the law abiding.

I will also be sending you out a fax and email campaign targeting the NJ Legislature and Gov Christie on the 57 new gun laws proposed for this year.  If you haven't seen those new laws, you can find them here  If you want some help with those letters to the editor, just let me know.  In the meantime, please copy and paste these Tweets into your accounts and continue daily until further notice:

The NJ2AS Twitter Army has joined forces with Gun Rights Coalition which includes Tea Party, OathKeepers, Open Carry, Second Amendment, Free Voices United, 9-12 & Patriot groups in Washington, Oregon and other states.  We will be training these groups to be as effective as we have been using Twitter, and we will all join together to protect and defend #2A Rights in NJ, WA, and all across our great Country!  I will let you know where to find their Twitter Lists when available so you guys can follow each other and strengthen our common causes.
Please send me links to any recent articles about NJ violent crime where #CC would have changed the outcome.
We will use these to drive home our point about #CC makes us safer and without it we are nothing but sitting ducks.  Please send me your links and I'll send them back  to you in a more usable format.  If you have any questions or comments, as always, please contact me at any time.  Thanks again for all of your help, we could not do this without each and every one of you!!

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  • 8 thoughts on “Second Amendment Bigot Bryan Miller Calls Gun Owners ‘Terrorists & Gangsters’

    1. 7 round limits on magazines is common sense. With 7 rounds,all weapons are equal and we can tame the assault rifle problem. Eventually we can go down to 5 and 3 round limits and place 7 round high cap magazines on the class 3 list. All magazine above 7 rounds would need to be destroyed. No grandfathering allowed! We should also copy / paste Mexico’s gun law and ban military “assault ammo”. Every non military “assault ammo” round sold should have a serial number imbedded, registered to the gun owner.

    2. Of course , , and everyone that does not agree with the communist Obamass communist policies is already designated a domestic terrorist , to include ALL patriotic Americans , ALL conservative Americans , ALL Christian Americans ( but not muslims ) , ALL honorably served veterans , ALL those that would uphold the United States constitution , ALL those that are not leftists , liberals , socialists , communists , fascist , or Islamists , ALL those that are not anti-American etc : etc : etc : . There are NO assault weapons , only subjects assaulted by their government .

    3. The problem, well part of the problem, is the liberal media literally refuses to report on the stories where a law abiding citizen, who legally owns a gun, of ANY kind, prevents or stops a crime. I believe it is against their policies to promote the Constitution or support freedom, in any way possible.


      Miller & the rest of the clowns will be at this event in Philly. Gun rights people might want to go to give them a piece of their minds or protest outside:

      American Bar Association
      Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia


      Taking Aim at Gun Violence: The Myth and Meaning of the Second Amendment

      Please join us on March 6, 2014, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., at the National Constitution Center for an in-depth discussion of current Second Amendment law and other developments in the fight to reduce gun violence in our community. This complimentary program will include the latest developments in the legal, legislative and public health fields, with experts from each area available for question and answer sessions.

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