#GunBullies Send New Jersey Assemblyman Lou Greenwald Your Gun Magazines

High Capacity Gun Magazines
Dear @LouGreenwald here's my #GunMags #2A pic.twitter.com/iTfSgzgjTb make sure you return them after you're done reading them @HindaRifka
NJ2AS Twitter Army
NJ2AS Twitter Army

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)-  New Jersey Assemblyman Lou Greenwald (D) is downright giddy over the very idea of stripping NJ gun rights even more.

Last night he danced on the graves of the Newtown victims along with fellow Democrat Steve Sweeney while they gloated over reducing our firearms magazine limits from 15 rounds down to 10.  I would love to take a page out of the Connecticut playbook and let NJ legislators know that civil disobedience is winding it's way to the streets of New Jersey.

For those of you not aware of what is going on in CT, here is the quick & dirty.  CT passed some heinous gun control bills after Newtown, and one law made it mandatory to register all “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” with the State of CT.  As we all know, registration is the first step towards confiscation, so the brave Patriots in CT have chosen instead to exercise their civil disobedience.  The cutoff date to register your firearms & magazines was 12/31/13.  As of right now, only 50,000 “assault weapons” were registered and only 40,000 “high capacity magazines” (sic) were registered with the state.  That is approximately 4% of the estimated weapons & magazines owned in Connecticut.  The state is frantic now, and has made the excuse that most gun owners aren't aware they had to register these items, and that was the reason so few complied with the law.
It appears to me, and to every other intelligent person on the planet, that CT gun owners just said NO!
Send Sweeney & Greenwald Your Gun Mags
I think it may be time to let both Sweeney @NJSenatePres and Greenwald @LouGreenwald know exactly which gun magazines we are willing to part with should their far reaching, despicable law is enacted in NJ.  I have already sent a few photos of the ONLY gun magazines I would let them see, and only if they give them back after they've read them.  I've started a new hashtag #GunMags for these photos.  Here are the Tweets I've sent so far:

Please take a photo of your NRA, Concealed Carry, or any other gun related magazines or books you have laying around the house, and send it to @LouGreenwald & @HindaRifka and make sure to include the hashtags #GunMags #2A.  Tell Lou he can look at your #GunMags but must give them back when he's finished reading them.  You can send the Tweets in a format like this.

Remember, if you're taking your own photo of your gun literature collection, and I hope you do, just type this into your Twitter account:

  • Dear @LouGreenwald here's my #GunMags #2A  make sure you return them after you're done reading them @HindaRifka
  • Here's my #GunMags @LouGreenwald #2A  I want them back once you've finished reading them all @HindaRifka

And before you post each Tweet, click on the ADD PHOTO button on the lower left of the Twitter box to add your own image to the Tweet. Make sure you took a photo of your #GunMag collection and remember where you put it on your computer or smartphone. Then, write the Tweet and click on the ADD PHOTO button to add that image to your Tweet. #EASY, right? Then, do it all over again but substitute @NJSenatePres for @LouGreenwald so Sweeney gets some from you too!

Let's make sure Little Louie & Slimy Stevie gets our message! Maybe, along the way, they'll actually read some gun magazines and they just might learn something instead of the dumb garbage they spew now.

Keep up the great work! You'll still get your weekly #AskSenPres Tweets on Wednesday or early Thursday. This is just an added treat for our grave standing ghouls in Trenton!

Warm regards,
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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    1. I blog quite often and I really appreciate your content.

      The article has truly peaked my interest. I am going to take a note of your website and keep checking
      for new information about once per week. I opted in for your Feed too.

    2. Jacko….you don’t know much of the law do you? You can give up your rights here..People are showing how stupid they are…Possession of any Firearm in NJ is against the law but for an “exception” You need to be at the state house tomorrow..

    3. Bob, and your tweets of gun magazines do what to advance our gun rights? Also, how do you plan on hitting the antis hard? This isn’t Texas……we are out numbered 10,000 to one. Take a kid to the range and teach him/her how to shoot safely. This is a much more effective tool then tweeting photos that will never be seen by Sweeney . May make the tweeters happy and feel like they’ve done something important…..but it did nothing to affect change or sway a legislators vote. Thanks, Jacko

    4. @Jacko; not to pick sides here but your passive aggressive 30 year fight has done nothing but lose our rights here in NJ. It is time for something new and an aggressive frontal attack is what is needed now. Keep doing what you have done all along it can’t hurt, but just doing what you have been doing will loose us everything. Wake up fuds the time is now to take on the antis and hit them hard.

    5. Amy…..thanks for making my point. You are a classy lady…..nice language too. For the folks from other parts of the country Amy and this NJ2As don’t represent the majority of gun owners here. There in an NRA affiliated club that is the true representative of gun owners in NJ without this militant culture.

    6. *Yawn* Feel free to not join us but thanks soooo much for using all that energy to lash out against NJ2AS instead of the Newtown Dog & Pony Show coming to Morristown Town Hall on 3/9 11-12. I’m sure the gun grabbers really appreciate when big strong keyboard jockeys like you spend your time attacking gun rights groups. BRAVO Jackoff you really know how to fight….you’re just a mite confused about who the enemy is but good job! Don’t bother responding, I’m busy, but you can contact Shannon Watts. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. Maybe you can help Bloomberg’s Team26 organize for the 9th.

    7. Amy, you’re taking the same approach as your leader…Jack Fandango! I’ve been fighting this fight for 30 trs young lady. I’ve seen hundreds of YOU take this approach and fail…as you will….and hurt all of us. Yes, I was at both events in Trenton last year and traveled on one of you buses. I’ve written hundreds of letters and email to politicians. You’re being played for a fool and stunts like this only give the enemy more ammo to attack. Just like the brilliant Mothers Day March you organized. Or what about the big submission of CCW applications NJ2a asked membership to do knowing that they would be denied. Never to get a CCW again due to denial. Great advice!!!! So, I was fighting this fight before you were old enough to pick up a bee bee gun. So…you tell me….by sending photos of old magazines, how does this help us? Does it make us look like adults or silly kids? You’re the one collecting dues from members……what are you going to do besides tweet?

    8. @Jacko it’s heartwarming to know that some gun owners in NJ would prefer to fight other gun owners than to actually do something to try to stop this tyranny. So Jacko, what exactly have YOU done lately? Were you at the NJ2AS events this past year when we tried to get Sweeney voted out of office? Where you amongst the people that sent in their hard earned money for advertisements & billboards for Sweeney’s opponent? I don’t remember seeing you when we went door to door in Sweeney’s District trying to get Nikki Trunk elected. So what is it you have done, and better yet Jacko, what are you now doing to get this 10 round limit thrown out? It’s good to sit on high and sneer, but even better to get off your a$$, roll up your sleeves, and do something. Tell us Jackpo, what have YOU done lately?

    9. I agree, “Swiney” won’t listen. He never does. Everything he does is behind closed doors with no dissenting comments allowed. It still bogles my mind how no one was able to go after him before when he rigged the committee votes by waiting for the next session. He was even questioned on microphone and lied his way around it. We need to win hearts and minds, not just annoy certain politicians. Rather than wait to defend ourselves, why can’t we go on the offensive to put us in a positive light with those who don’t understand? Why do we wait for someone to attack us before we come out of the woodwork? Let’s be out in the open to begin with. Let people see us as their neighbor, not a gun nut. Staying isolated amongst ourselves is going nowhere. We already know how we feel!

    10. Is this stunt another one of Jack Fiamingos brainstorms? I live in NJ and am a gun owner and I am embarrassed that this is the way you and your organization behave. NJ2A has surely taken on the personality of its leader. Do you realize how stupid you make the rest of us look? Do you really think this is a good use of members time and resources? Sweeney et al won’t care one bit about these stupid photos. In fact they will love it…..you’re telling them you beat us and this is all we got!!! Grow up and do something worthwhile!

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