Torture Testing: How much abuse should your gear take?

Torture Testing; How much abuse should your gear take?
Torture Testing; How much abuse should your gear take?
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi — ( – I’ll admit that I find inspiration in varied places and circumstances. A recent moment of inspiration occurred when I stumbled upon an Internet post with the words “Battle Rifle Company” in the description.

You see, in August 2013, my oldest son, Jarrad, and I spent a three-day weekend outside of Houston, Texas earning our Aerial Shooter Certifications. The rifles that we used exclusively during that event were AR-15 variants built by Battle Rifle Company of Seabrook, Texas. I’d say that between Jarrad and I we fired some four to five hundred rounds of .223 Remington ammunition through each of the two rifles.

The guns started out cleaned and well-lubricated. During the course I can recall only on stoppage and it was easily attributed to me mashing the cloth brass-catcher bag against the airframe during a hard banking target engagement. I was able to clear the stoppage quickly and learned from my mistake.

Internet Smack-Talk

Due to my recent experience with Battle Rifle products, when I noticed the posting with the company name I clicked on it. What I discovered was a bunch of anonymous smack talk and bashing of the company and its products. I must admit that I was surprised. As mentioned, I had just recently used two Battle Rifle Company guns and did not experience any problems. Keep in mind; those were not hand-picked, cherry guns, but working rifles that had had thousands of rounds fired through them.

This Internet smack-talk inspired me to conduct an additional test on a Battle Rifle Co. product. I decided that I would purposely run the gun hard in tough conditions and see what the results might be. We would be conducting the live fire at my buddy’s range; the Mississippi Combat Training Academy. The range is located near the southern MS/LA border.

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