Union Official Blames NY ‘SAFE Act’ Gun Control for Remington’s Alabama Expansion

By AWR Hawkins

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2013 New York Safe Act Protest
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  A United Mine Workers official blasted NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's SAFE Act as the cause of Remington Outdoor Co.'s decision to open a new plant in Alabama.

On February 15th, Breitbart News reported that Remington would soon be announcing the acquisition and opening of a facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

On that same day, United Mine Workers Local 717 president Fran Madore said Cuomo's gun control push hurts workers at Remington's Ilion, New York factory. According to Syracuse.com, Madore said;

“The SAFE Act has been a terrible thing from the beginning. You'd think New York would be doing everything to keep us. Instead, it passes a law to cripple us.”

United Mine Workers Local 717 “represents 1,180 of the 1,300 Remington employees in Ilion,” where Remington “has been making firearms since 1816.” 

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  • 6 thoughts on “Union Official Blames NY ‘SAFE Act’ Gun Control for Remington’s Alabama Expansion

    1. Remington has an lively registration statement in place with
      the SEC- so they can’t come on TELEVISION and speak
      about anything material to their inventory worth. As you pointed out, the truth
      that individuals have been injured by negligent discharges
      of the Remington seven-hundred is simply proof of firearms mishandling and not a manufacturing or design defect.

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    2. I’m a conservative, and lately have been voting Republican, because the DemocRAT party has gone communist. I don’t think we need to ban unions, as long as the majority of American workers want it. But, in the last 50 years, the unions don’t really give a s**t about companies making a profit, or driving up prices so high, it’s putting a strain on the economy. This BS of striking every two years and bagging the corporations, to gain these feather bedding jobs has gone to far. If a worker can’t cut it, the company can’t fire him/her! They’re stuck with these deadbeats, and all their doing is driving up prices. The companies have to make a profit, or the whole idea of creating jobs, will fail. That’s why they moved their manufacturing to foreign countries. The unions demanded and demanded, until they drove the companies overseas, to lower cost. Nothing like cutting your throats, to spite your faces. Yeah, corporations in the early 20th century were taking advantage of workers, but today unions are not really needed. Look at Walmart! They don’t pay union scale, but they pay a fair salary, that a person can raise a family. They have better benefits than all the government programs put together. Companies today want to keep good people as long as they’re producing, and they should have a right to hire and fire someone if they “ain’t” cutting the mustard. Everybody want’s to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!

    3. Because unions are communist and support communist policticans like Obama that want to take our guns away, we don’t need unions anymore and they should be compeletely banned.

    4. Chris why are you blasting unions. The union leaders spoke out strongly against the anti-gun safe act that cost many jobs in NY. All those benefits that you take for granted you can thank Unions for fighting and sometimes dieing for them. You honestly think your whole family would not be working in a sweat shop for less money than you need to survive on if it wasn’t for the labor movement.

    5. To people like Cuomo “the end justifies the means”. There’s no concern for the resultant consequences of the SAFE Act. Progressives just keep marching on, destroying business and anything else that gets in the way of their agenda!

    6. BAN ALL UNIONS! Unions have ruined this country. The minimum wage needs to be abolished as well, things like unions and the minimum wage were first promoted by the Communists in the early 1900s, liberals are just Communists in disguise. I propose a federal law that abolishes the minimum wage at the federal level and outlaws states from setting a minimum wage.

      Whether it’s a private sector or a public sector union, they have no right to send jobs overseas or drive up the deficit because of their overpaid lazy #$%$, both private sector and public sector unions need to be banned. 

      Unions support Obama and gave him a lot of money in both elections.. What does that tell you? 

      Obama is a socialist and the socialist unions support Obama, end of story.

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