Wendy Davis’ New Found Support for Open Carry Proves TX Gov. Race All About Guns

By AWR Hawkins

Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis's johnny-come-lately support of Open Carry in the State of Texas proves what we have said all along–the 2014 Texas gubernatorial election is a referendum on guns.

Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has known this all along. Thus, while Davis spent the last two months running on abortion–and then trying to plug holes in the dam of her personal bio–Abbott was assuring Texans that the debate on gun control was settled in 1791, when the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

In early November 2013, Abbott announced that he not only planned to protect concealed carry laws already on the books in Texas but to expand them, so as to allow the open carry of handguns as well. Citizens of Texas can already legally carry rifles in an open fashion.

According to Austin's KVUE News, Abbott promised to push for “Campus Carry” as well, so that those with concealed carry permits can carry on a university campus for self-defense in the same way they carry in a department store, a restaurant, or on a dimly lit street.

As a Texas state senator Wendy Davis opposed Campus Carry in 2009 and in 2011. Her opposition to Campus Carry came on top of her opposition to gun shows and private gun sales at that shows.

But who knows? Now that Davis is for Open Carry she may soon show up at a gun show passing out fliers about her support for Campus Carry.

That's how important guns are in the Texas gubernatorial race.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Wendy Davis’ New Found Support for Open Carry Proves TX Gov. Race All About Guns

    1. Don’t trust her. I’m sure Bloomberg is talking to her now that she has gone national with this. He will offer all kinds of money, and support, if she changes her opinion.

    2. If I live to be a thousand, that b***h will never get my vote. Typical democrat, she’ll say anything we want to hear, then if she get’s in, she’ll stab us in the back, just like obumbler with his healthcare lies. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, right! Beware of democrats bearing gifts!

    3. This b**ch needs to stop insulting everyone’s intelligence. Haven’t we had enough of these lying politicians to know better than to believe anything they promise during elections?

    4. Does anyone honestly think that someone who’s ONLY claim to fame is a filibuster IN FAVOR OF KILLING UNBORN BABIES can EVER be trusted with our Sacred Liberty?

      It’s a damned shame abortion cannot be retroactive in her case.

    5. My question is this. If there is gun control in her past history, has she had a change of heart or is she just grandstanding to get elected and will put gun control into overdrive once in office? Sadly, I believe the latter!!

    6. Oh No, come on you guys, MY Dads family are Texans. Both his brothers and sisters moved to Calif when WWII broke out. All Jumped into the Fight and with exception of two stayed in Calif. Huge mistake! I with my wife are planning to move with now my 93 yr’s old Father back there. Calif has Died!! Please do not Vote for this Clown. Right now in San Diego is a Mayors race the dem one is “Union” backed!!! who does this remind you of. Plus al the Mexicans are backing him up with bill board advertising in Mexico. 10 bullet, no open carry we used to have this, concealed carry lic’d is impossible to get unless your a registered democrat and can prove you voted for them. Oh, why is not the current governor not running??

    7. A leopard cant change its spots, only paint over them. Time after time voters have been duped by these lying crooks. Wake up and vote as if your lives depend on it. Because it does.

    8. I hope the voters are more informed here in Texas. I’ve seen these bait and switch tactics work on voters for so many years in the state I fled. When the state turns blue it never recovers! Furthermore, there’s always a reason after the fact that they can’t follow through with campaign promises. Over & Out.

    9. Dont trust this b**ch, she’s really an obama loving demoncrat. She will turn Texas blue, if she wins. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER!!

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