AR-15 Podcast 63 – What’s In Your Range Bag?

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DeKalb, Illinois –-( AR-15 Podcast proudly announces Anthony Hardy as another permanent co-host, and he joins Reed Snyder for Episode 63, covering what’s in your range bag?

Reed begins for a tip of the week and shares some gun culture, dos, don’ts, and pitfalls when it comes to visiting a range. Among them, and perhaps the most obvious, are the commandments of firearm safety.

Rules aside, the hosts take the listeners through personal preferences when it comes to range bags. What size should it be? How many guns should it hold? Long gun bag or pistol bag? After finding the right bag, the most obvious question is, “What do I put in it?”

Reed and Anthony cover the essentials: eyes and ears, ammunition, and magazines. What else? Will you need tools, cleaning materials, or weapon accessories? Are you shooting for alacrity or accuracy? Do you need a shot timer or chronograph? The guys mention a video camera for the aspiring youtubers out there. But aside from the obvious, the guys cover some items they take that are learned by experience such as bottled water, snacks, a towel, and a staple gun to make your trip more enjoyable.

AR-15 Podcast arrives at the end of this string of Otis Ripcord giveaways. AR-15 Podcast is currently negotiating more goodies for their faithful listener giveaways so tune in and find out who won the final giveaway, and also hear listener feedback. Anyone can listen to this episode at

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