Bishops: ‘Good Guys’ With Guns Become ‘Bad Guys’

By AWR Hawkins

Good or Evil You Decide
Good or Evil You Decide
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  After Georgia's Republican-led House passed HB 875 expanding the rights of “good guys” to carry guns for self-defense, “the highest officials in Georgia's Episcopal Diocese” signed a letter of opposition saying “good guys” are only good until they are not.

In other words, “good guys with guns” are just “bad guys” waiting to emerge. published the following excerpt of the letter:

Supporters of this bill claim our current quite expansive gun laws are not expansive enough. They claim that if only the “bad guys” have guns, then the “good guys” cannot stop them. As one State Representative who sponsored the bill said: “Gun free zones that are created by well-meaning laws are gun free to good guys only. The bad part of our society does not care.”

The clergy also responding to arguments that people with concealed-carry permits go through extensive background checks to prove they are good guys:

“People who had no criminal record and had a legal right to their weapons perpetrated almost all of the recent tragic shootings in houses of worship and schools. They were ‘good guys' until they weren't.”

The signatories of the letter fail to see that laws against guns in “houses of worship and schools” did not stop those with criminal intent.

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  • 20 thoughts on “Bishops: ‘Good Guys’ With Guns Become ‘Bad Guys’

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    2. “…If guns cause murders, do Penises cause rape?…”
      Then the logic would follow: Let’s emasculate all the men in the US. Let that just sink in.

    3. The one thing this Diocese doesn’t understand is, these were not “good guys” until they bought a gun. They were “bad guys” without a public record. And they should understand “intent”
      and “deception” better than anyone else. For this one reason it is paramount that the citizenry be armed, hence the 2ndA, and trained to be first responders to acts of violence. Sooner than later those with “bad intent” will
      look elsewhere for entertainment.

      The point the Constitutional founders make
      about “Church and State” seems to be missed. They were adamant about NOT allowing a “Church run State”. But they fully intended to have a moral and ethical based “Rule of Law” as the basis of our Constitutional Republic. And 9/10th of the time you get that from religious beliefs and not organized Churches of religious doctrine. So it was perfectly right not to give a Church organization control of the government but still use the morality and ethos taught by these Churches, like the Ten Commandments, even to the point of having them taught in schools and found in our pledges and oaths of office. At the present these liberals that do not want a “Rule of Law” and certainly not any form of morality that must be lived up to in a government leadership position, (it would cut into their ability to control others and seize power), are using the “Church and State” issue and the fear of controlling a persons right to believe and worship as they see fit to blind the people, and Church leadership, to the removal of
      the moral obligation to those that voted them into office and expect decent moral behavior in positions of government leadership. And protecting another persons rights by leaving the Constitution alone and demanding honesty in all
      dealings falls under these guide lines of moral and ethical behavior.

      The current President complains that the Constitution restricts him from doing as he pleases. Our appointed judges make public that they see our Constitution as a hindrance to large widespread government control. Our Senate and House have been using lies and deceit to become wealthy at the expense of the citizens. Even our businessmen use the same hidden agendas to expand profit at the peoples expense, even to the peoples complete loss of investments and retirement funds. There was a reason the
      Constitutional Founders used religious beliefs as the basic foundation of all our laws. Whatever your religious beliefs are removing the foundation of our Nation will not improve your life but cause it to falls to pieces.

    4. Mild mannered people whom wish to impose their views and opinions on all other people are just Tyrants waiting to emerge .
      The invention of the very first firearm was used as a de-fence tool against would be conquerors and killers at the siege of De’an in A.D.1117. Used as de-fence because necessity is the mother of invention.
      Smart people will never realize intelligence.

    5. If ‘good guys’ are only temporarily ‘good guys’, then how shall we as a society implement this logic towards our ARMED police officers. Are police officers immune to the distinction of being a ‘bad guy’? Didn’t a retired police officer recently shoot a guy in a movie theater over his cell phone?

    6. By that logic, you should throw every single priest or preacher in prison now since clearly they will eventually molest children, steal from the church or commit heresy.

    7. First, the Founders said nothing about the “separation of church and state”, except to deny the “church” any part of governing the nation. The First Amendment is VERY clear that “government” is to have nothing to do with religion.

      Second, “religions” have become so political and leftist that I haven’t been in a church in years, and will not enter one to this day. In my opinion, most “organized religions” are no better than the Klan or radical Islam, constantly fighting amongst themselves and hiding behind the Bible to justify their influence and positions.

    8. This attitude is reflected heavily in the “logic” that the Brady bunch and legislators exhibit when pushing for new laws. They seem to believe that EVERYBODY who owns or wants to own a gun is some kind of criminal, from low level hold up artist to mass murderer. They don’t want to hear that gun crimes are committed by way less that 1% of the population. If all gun owners were criminals there would be mass chaos everywhere, totally uncontrollable.

    9. So…by that line of reasoning, all priests are men of God…until they become pedophiles, right?

      All priest should then pre-register…

    10. I see.

      So, according to these bishops, prior restraint is just ducky with THEM.

      Perhaps they should make a pilgrimage to the Episcopal point-of-creation – Great Britain – and STAY there.

    11. You must understand who these people are….. liberal to the extreme, right from the convulsions of the church of England. They have no more right to get involved in politics as a group (Bishops)and try to indicate they represent “the people” by their liberal ideaology.
      But I disagree with the idea that there is a “separation of church and state”, where there are none even mentioned in the Constitution. Looks like you been listening to groups like this that claim that and want to do things like, doing away with capital punishment (and eye for an eye). What we have to be concerned is when a group such as this decides they are representing the people in some ughly way.

    12. Epistemology isn’t exactly their strong point. As my mentor Mark Scott would say: they need a good Epistemological house cleaning.

    13. When the Bishops extend their influence outside the realm of the Church you can see why America’s founders fostered the concept of “Separation of Church and State”.

    14. Shame on the Georgia Episcopal Diocese. They are obviously a part of the Episcopal Church of the USA which has lost many of its members, churches and dioceses who have left to form their own entities — or become a part of the more conservative Anglican Church. I am happy to say that our diocese — a very sizable one that includes some 70 churches (=/-) has done the same think.

      Sell Your Cloak and Buy a Sword — Luke 22:36

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