Bob Costas: My Armed Security Doesn’t Make Me a Hypocrite on Guns

By AWR Hawkins

Bob Costas
Bob Costas: My Armed Security Doesn't Make Me a Hypocrite on Guns
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On March 9th 2014 NBC's Bob Costas dismissed criticism of his having armed guards while disparaging “gun culture” by saying his guards were NBC and NFL security, not “personal” bodyguards.

He did this while being interviewed by Fox News's Howard Kurtz, who brought up Costas's December 2012 halftime criticism of “the NFL's gun culture.”

Kurtz said, “You were accused of injecting politics into halftime, and Fox News's Greg Gutfeld said you were ‘a hypocritical buffoon' because you're in New York, and you're surrounded by armed guards, and you don't have to worry about safety.”

Costas responded, “In truth, Greg was accurate if you consider one-hundred-eighty degrees from the truth accurate. I have never had a personal bodyguard a single day in my life. There are security people at NFL games that the NFL employs, and there is always massive security at an Olympics, and there… is NBC security.”

The problem with this explanation is that Gutfeld did not say Costas hired a “personal bodyguard.Rather, he said Costas “doesn't have to worry about being armed. People are armed for him.”

The NFL and NBC security personnel are armed, aren't they?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Bob Costas: My Armed Security Doesn’t Make Me a Hypocrite on Guns

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how people who know nothing about a subject will speak unending volumes on it. Further showing their ignorance. I guess now Bob is ready to run for some office in D.C.

    2. Costas will cost the NFL etc, viewers and therefore sponsors sales , keep up the pressure on them and when revenue drops they will tell him to take a hike, these elites have enjoyed the spotlight so long they see themselves as dime gods , guess what.. There NOT. Boycott , Boycott,Boycott…

    3. I liked the doctored photo of him with the
      Pirate outfit complete with the hook hand.

      No disrespect to him or anyone else that has a vision problem or loss of vision.

    4. Costas is the worst type of hyporcrit. He has body guards and someone else pays for them. I don’t hear him complain about that. He is the worst. Where do they get these people?

    5. It’s the same with all the gun rights haters. Look at any of their rallies where the police show up. Do they ask them to disarm or leave? No, they want the police there. Hypocrites!

    6. Coatas is a has been. Don’t see how nbc(the voice of the ultra libs) keeps him around. Did you notice the facelifts and hair dye job he had during the olympic broadcasts ? When they cut to him i tuned to another channel.

    7. Costas isn’t just a hypocrite, he’s a hypocrite squared. Stand back, you can be sure he’ll make it hypocrite cubed!

    8. We’ll actually you are a hypocrite. But if you don’t like that tag how about elitist racist scum. Your ridiculous anti gun statement regarding the guy that killed the young lady and then himself is not your job. Maybe what he did was due to one too many shots to the head. Perhaps we should ban football, being the violent activity that it is. Stick to sport casting something you know a little about. It is because of you and the (NFL) Nazi Fools league with their similar views that I no longer watch football.

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