Caruba: Is Obama Stupid?

By Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-( No one gets elected President by being stupid, unless of course the election is stolen in cities controlled by the Democratic Party, but one must also factor in the intelligence of nearly half of the voters who pull the Democratic Party lever no matter who the candidate may be.

America is seriously divided between liberals and conservatives, but there are indications that even those who self-identify as liberals are having second thoughts as the result of the havoc Obamacare has inflicted on their lives and the economy.

Voters who self-identify as “independents” are the deciding factor in most elections. They reflect disenchantment with both parties.

I have been thinking about whether Obama is stupid because he has been in Europe with the leaders of the nations who are grappling with the seizure of Crimea by Russia. I keep wondering, given his record at this point, whether they too think he’s stupid. He has taken the most powerful and respected nation in the world and reduced it to ridicule and disdain. When he leaves the room do they shake their head and roll their eyes?

The question of whether Obama is stupid would seem to be disputed by the fact that he is a Harvard Law School graduate and one has to have some degree of intelligence to navigate that. His undergraduate college is Columbia University, one of the most liberal in the nation. In neither case do we know how Obama did academically because he took care to have his records kept from public review.

Indeed, most public records regarding his life, including his birth certificate have been kept hidden. The one he provided has been deemed a forgery. There are claims as well that his Social Security number is questionable.

So, one could argue that he was not stupid enough to let people know the truth. What we do know is that he is a complete stranger to the truth, uttering lies on a daily basis. That is a serious character flaw in anyone, but in a President it is a threat to the nation.

What we do know is that Obama is so devoted to a Marxist ideology that it warps his view of the world and that he has devoted his two terms in office to the “transformation” of America; another way of saying that he embraces issues, foreign and domestic, that do not reflect the history or values of the nation.

America has now twice elected a Communist to its highest office and the result has been a failure, deliberate or the result of his ideology, to lift the nation out of a recession by lowering taxes, reducing spending, and other means well known to previous presidents.

The result has had a cataclysmic effect on the lives of millions of Americans. What growth has occurred has not been due to anything the White House or Congress has done, but in spite of both.

The overthrow of tyrannical governments in the Middle East and most recently in Ukraine reflects a desire for democracy and justice in these nations. Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood during the Egyptian uprising. One has to wonder what the king of Saudi Arabia has to say about that. His nation and others in the Middle East have banned the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. There is no nice way of describing his action or inaction regarding the Middle East and elsewhere.

The opening of negotiations with Iran and reductions of sanctions against it simply gave it more time to pursue its intent to create its own nuclear weapons. This isn’t just stupid, it’s insane. The time wasted on securing peace from the Palestinians after decades of their open hatred of Israel is also stupid.

Obama’s failure to work closely with Congress reflects his indifference to the Constitution and, having lectured on it, it cannot be said that he is ignorant of its limits on the executive office and its division of power between the three branches of government He doesn’t seem to care much what the Constitution says. That’s stupid. The result has been a very meager legislative record and that is a good thing given his ideological inclinations.

We all know of men and women in high office or CEOs of major corporations that offer ample evidence of stupidity, but the latter can be removed by their board of directors. Americans have no options for the removal of Obama. Impeachment will not likely occur even if the GOP gains control of both houses of Congress. Obamacare and the economy have been his greatest gift for their renewal of political power.

Obama’s “war on coal” and other efforts of his administration to keep America from tapping huge reserves of energy that would greatly improve our economy with jobs and exports is both stupidity and ideology. You have to be stupid to keep talking about “climate change” aka “global warming” when the only change of the past 17 years has been a planet that is cooling,

The danger the nation faces is real and present. The reduction of our military strength has not gone unnoticed by totalitarian and rogue regimes. Obama’s deliberate withdrawal of the nation from its position of global leadership is a threat of major proportions.

History hangs on questions of leadership and Obama has shown none, nor evidence of caring about the results of his failures. That’s a pretty good definition of stupid.

c Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba’s commentaries are posted daily at “Warning Signs” his popular blog and thereafter on dozens of other websites and blogs. If you love to read, visit his monthly report on new books at Bookviews.

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Not only is Obama stupid, but the half-wits who voted for him are now finding themselves even more stupid.


He is either the stupidest president we have ever elected (?), or the smartest enemy we have ever faced. I personally am voting for enemy!


Less than 100 years ago, a President who totally ignored the constitution and changed laws willy by executive orders would have been stopped cold in his tracks, charged with treason then probably jailed or hanged!!! Today our “elected” representatives just sit back and watch this great nation “Transformed” into an unrecognizable socialist experiment!!


Obama must have garnered nearly 100% of the “dummy” vote.


Obama’s dishonesty has been out there on display for the whole world, yet dopes like “C.B.” remain in denial. Obama once talking about “MY MUSLIM RELIGION” and then he corrected himself. I personally have never accidently called my religion affiliation incorrectly. It seems nearly impossible to make that mistake. Obama’s statement can be found on “YOUTUBE” for you deniers.


I find it hard to read articles that use rhetorical questions. I answered it when I read the headline. BTW, lots of stupid folks have degrees

norm newell

We all know what he and the rest of the White House are doing but we are the stupid ones why doesn’t the people we put there try to save our country, they just say nothing. they are so damn scared to be called racist I just as soon be called racist but a hero for saving the United States and its Constitution and let all Americas Veterans know they are all our heroes I am one person and people are afraid of the people we voted in and we all sign their paychecks, lets stop them while we can,… Read more »


Americans suffer from selective hearing loss at election time (some would say all the time). Obama told us about the fundamental transformation and how energy prices would necessarily “skyrocket”. All the voting public (democrats anyway) heard was “he cares for us”. Universal healthcare for all, and it’s free you know. If Obama and the rest of congress is stupid it is because they were elected by stupid people. You get the government you deserve.


The current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was installed into his White House position in order to complete the havoc started on 9/11. Because the U.S. was not destroyed by the events of that day, it was necessary to send someone into the Executive Branch to complete the job. Who better than someone who has a distinct animus for this country?
Unfortunately, a majority of our citizens were conned into believing that
this fraud was the second coming. Looks like the Bible was right again.

Mary Castle

I can understand that some individuals who grew up and lived in my favorite city, Chicago, could have PERHAPS voted for this AH
but I don’t understand how the rest of the USofA could have really voted for such a jerk!!!
I did not discuss this topic w/friends in Chicago as the wife was dying and I was there to visit a former co-worker. So I have to wonder how many other Chicago residents backed this man! I don’t even believe many residents of the “South Side” of Chicago voted for the A.H.

Karl Williams

I BHO stupid? This is a trick question, isn’t it?


Education can fix ignorance.
Nothing can fix stupid .

Ron Blacklock

who is stupid—he gets away with all the bull shit that should have got his impeached or tried for treason.


If one wants a shining example of stupid one only need read the posting by “CB”. His is a special kind of stupid and it requires no further explanation by me, it speaks for itself.

Tanya Bruck

Stupid he managed to convince millions of Americans he would be a good president I think the Americans that voted for him are the stupid ones


Always wondered why this genius covered up his grades and hid his college papers….you would think a man of his stature and intellect would want the rest of us unnlightened low information pions to bask in his knowledge….LOL LOL …


Obama is Soro’s puppet.


Remember 16 May 2014, The Spring March on Capitol Hill. This is to show solidarity against a Socialist President that tries to ignore the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. “Live Free or Die”, Don’t Tread on Me!



This is my first time on the site and I must say that CB has posted the most ignorant statement that I have ever read . Just because the Republicans want to protect the foosil fuels that are cheap and abundant , this makes them right wingnuts ? My gosh , if people are too dumb to understand without reliable cheap energy there can be no productivity , we are in trouble.


CB is just another delusional lib, we must
understand that and take his highly ignorant comment for what it is. Liberal Democrat= mentally ill.

After the stolen re-election of obama in 2012 the chant of his mentally ill electors was “Welcome back Squatter”

Texas Belle

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see–which certainly applies to CB. Everthing Mr Caruba says is totally true.

Herb Greene

I think Mr. C is close. However, to make matters worse, I think O wants us to a) think he is stupid and b) let him alone to do his thing.Scary. I detest him for what he is doing to the country…


obama is the most dangerous president this nation has had.his marixs agenda an his pin in hand has about destoryed us as the nation we were once.russia sees this an is doing now what it feared to try before.


CB: I have done considerable research regarding this President and how it came about that he was elected for two terms. What is not known by most people is the fact we have someone other than the President giving the advice and direction and it isn’t Valerie Jarret as some suggested as she is only the conduit. If you know who the person is that has contributed millions in money and media support to elect Obama, then you will know this person is a member of the Bilderberg Group, also known as the New World Order and his desire is… Read more »


CB, I agree with others’ reactions to your drivel. Where exactly do you collect this “truth” you boast of possessing? Perhaps in all of the Soros-funded rags? The fact that you can so articulately express your misperceptions does not excuse your intentional ignorance of reality. Your resorting to the use of the term “right wing nuts” betrays your devotion to misguided ideology in favor of the critical thought that none but you allegedly possesses. Your rant is pure Freudian projection. Pathetic, frankly.


We are fortunate that this president is not as smart as we give credit to him. Were he to work with Congress to advance his agenda, future Congresses would have to undo his agenda. This may be a long process and may never completely reverse this insanity. By relying upon executive action to advance that agenda, this president has allowed it to be reversed simply through executive action of a future president. That agenda can be reversed in a day. This president is not as smart as he thinks he is. But he is certainly delusional.

Ray Taylor

Four comments and only the fourth is crazy, ignorant and idiotic.


CB, you’re an obvious Obozobot troll. King Barack has and is doing everything Mr Caruba exposed. Oblameboy just campaigns constantly against the treasosous acts he is committing like he learned from Saul Alinsky


CB. Do you listen to yourself? Calling out the the ‘right wing NUTS’ for using communist strategy. Have you any idea what you are saying. Your assertions are so upside down one can make no sense of it.
Obama stated he will use the EPA to destroy the coal power industry even tho Gina McCarthy says.. “it will make no measurable difference in global temperature” . He has obviously no interest in global temperature but is pursuing some other personal goal; if not destruction of our capitalist economy, what?

Robert Leanza

CB, it is obvious that you were looking into the mirror when you wrote your comments. Whenever anyone complains about political positions, fostered by humanity, one side can always tear the other side down. Alan Caruba’s comments seem to bear out a morality from a higher being and this gives credibility to his comments. Republicans and Democrats have spinelessly brought this country to its knees. I really don’t blame Obama, Reid, Pelosi and a host of other cockroaches for their behavior. I blame the gutless and morally inept American citizens who put these silverfish into office.


Not stupid, but having his strings pulled and doing just fine because he hates us. Even some of the stupidest people I know, know we do not have 57 states, with one to go…or not!

Duane Hinde

STUPID??????????????????????????????????? Hell yes he is STUPID, he is DAMN stupid. Every nation on earth is laughing at him, the Chinese HATE him and who can blame them????????? What a JACKASS he is!!!!!!!!!! Russia is really laughing at him, because he is so DAMN stupid. I for one, hate his guts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni Stimmel

Does a bear crap in the woods?


A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education.”
George Bernard Shaw

Progressive(noun) One who is in love with their own ideas no matter what the cost.

Our nation has taken some hits
‘cause our leaders are real stupid $hits
They try to sell
Ideas that smell
As bad as a gorillas armpits

Illegitimi nOn carborundum


Obama has not really made any decisions without going through the Marxists in the Admin.


CB. You carefully avoided disputing this article’s assertion of facts. Perhaps because you cannot? We will place you in the stupid category as well.


Anyone who believes the lies & distortions of the facts that Mr. Alan Caruba traduces obviously are incapable of thinking for themselves or trying to find the truth by exploring all sources of information. No one side holds a monopoly on the TRUTH!!! From the comments above, it is clear they are just as biased as Mr. Caruba. One should always consider the source of the opinions one reads and their motivation for expressing them. Apparently Mr. Caruba represents the special interests of coal & oil companies & is probably paid by them (directly or indirectly) to bash President Obama… Read more »


For the past four or more years I have preached that the trash in the White House is at best a muslim sympathizer who intentionally has done what he can get away with to harm this nation. Many have finally discovered that the President is a liar, cheat, thief and traitor. That does not seem to be in question. What is in question is how to correct the problem created by the ignorant, the whiners, the career welfare cheats – a.k.a., democrats who are stealing the nation blind while selling us down the river. Republicans can also share in the… Read more »


Nobody in this administration is stupid. The strategy is to divide the populace on as many “issues” as possible. The anarchy that results will justify “transforming” America.


Stupid like a fox maybe. There can be no other reasonable explanation that ALL of Comrade Barry’s agenda is INTENTIONAL. However, I do not believe that he is the brains behind the treason. He was an affirmative action student. From Gramsci, the Soviets, Cloward-Piven, and Alinsky, radical leftists have been plotting the demise of America from within for the better part of a century. The stained glass window of the Fabian Socialists includes one of the infamous wolf wearing sheep’s clothing. This should be no surprise as those who didn’t have their heads buried in the sand have known this… Read more »