Chamber-View Product List Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Visible Firearms Safety Indicators

Chamber-View set to roll out empty chamber indicators for a variety of handgun calibers, rifle and shotgun models.

Chamber-View Semi-Auto Pistol Empty Chamber Indicators
Chamber-View Semi-Auto Pistol Empty Chamber Indicators

MERRIMACK, NH (, LLC, innovators behind highly visual firearms safety products, has announced the line-up of new SKU’s for 2014/2015.

Chamber-View first came on the firearms safety scene in 2013 with the instantly recognizable, 100% silicone empty-chamber indicator (ECI) for semi-auto/pump style shotguns. Users quickly recognized the importance of the durable Chamber-View ECI’s for providing:

  • Instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating an open action to surrounding shooters and observers
  • Aids against accidental closings of the action, thereby enhancing safety for the shooter
  • Preserves firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel

Demand from firearms trainers, law enforcement instructors and 3-gun competitors pushed the need for an AR-15 Type safety model and within months of introducing the shotgun ECI, Chamber-View® had the AR-15 Type ECI model available to manufacturers, distributors and firearms ranges.

As a result of the overall response to the Chamber-View® shotgun and rifle ECI’s, Chamber-View® is currently designing, testing and planning to release a host of new ECI’s for the remainder of 2014 into 2015. The first on the docket is the highly anticipated 9mm/.40 caliber Chamber-View® ECI for semi-auto pistols to be released for distribution in May 2014.  Additionally, the line-up of new products and their time frames for release includes:

  • Chamber-View® .22 caliber for semi-auto pistols/rifles – Summer 2014
  • Chamber-View® LE Fast Action for semi-auto pistols/ejectable and holsterable – Late 2014
  • Chamber-View® .45 caliber for semi-auto pistols, non 1911’s – Late 2014
  • Chamber-View® Bolt-Action Rifle for calibers .30-06/.308/.50 – Late 2014
  • Chamber-View® 1911 for semi-auto 1911 style pistols – Early 2015
  • Chamber-View® AR-10/AK Type for 7.62 caliber – Early 2015
  • Chamber-View® Upland for multi-caliber shotgun breach loader O/U, S/S – Early 2015

Chamber-View’s public announcement of the upcoming product line is to allow manufacturers, distributors, associations and training facilities the opportunity to customize and OEM Chamber-View ECI’s for their own firearms line, brand or event. Contact for pricing.

Check out for more information or join the ongoing conversation on Facebook and the LinkedIn network. To become a retail vendor, or if you are a professional / amateur / scholastic organization with interest in the Chamber-View product line, please contact or by phone: Gail Cook, President, Chamber-View, LLC at (914) 787-0688.


About Chamber-View, LLC:

At Chamber-View, our goal is to enhance public safety by sending a highly visual and recognizable message to restore the confidence of safety in a firearm user and the surrounding individuals.

Shoot Safe, Shoot Smart.

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    1. WOW !! At $10.00 apiece I think I’ll just stick with a locked back bolt and wait for something else to come along.

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