Connecticut Carry to State Officials – We Dare You To Enforce Your Gun Ban!

It’s time for the State to enforce the tyranny they passed or repeal it entirely.

Come and Get Them
Come and Get Them
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Rocky Hill, Connecticut –-( A recent media tidal wave based on false reports and bad journalism has proven a few things about the 2013 Gun Ban: people from Connecticut and around the nation are tired of being threatened; are ready to make a stand; and the State of Connecticut does not have the stomach to enforce the edicts and laws with which they threaten gun owners.

For years, Undersecretary Michael Lawlor, the upper levels of the State Police, and Governor Dannel Malloy have sought to disarm those whom they fear.

The laws they passed show that they fear constitutionally and lawfully armed citizens.

Despite thousands of gun owners showing up at each legislative session expecting to be heard by their ‘representatives’, government officials seized upon public panic related to the Newtown Massacre, as a means to exert legislative and executive fiats intent upon disarming gun owners who have harmed no one. The Connecticut Executive and Legislative branches showed their cowardice when they installed metal detectors and armed guards at the entrances to the Legislative Office Building (LOB) only for firearms-related hearings.

Gun hating officials now have their laws on the books in Connecticut. They dreamed up those laws, in their tyrannical dystopias, but it was NOT the majority of the public that supported such laws. Despite all the severe legal language that the government passed, there is still no open discussion of enforcing those tyrannical laws, as they stand. Throughout the Legislature and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), there is only talk of “amnesty” and possibly boiling the frog at a slower rate.

It comes as no surprise that the talks of relaxing enforcement expectations go along with legislators trying to get past their re-election deadlines. If the anti-gun laws they passed are so good for everyone in this state, then why are elected officials requesting increased security, both at the LOB and at their private homes? The anti-gun legislators and officials are scared to implement their tyranny because they know that they did not have any sort of ‘consent of the governed’.

Those officials violated their oaths of office, as the Executive and Legislative branches of our Connecticut government overstepped their moral and constitutional responsibilities by passing those laws: they acted and voted contrary to our Rights and against our Constitution.

Now, State officials look down the barrel of the laws that they created, and it is very probably that they now tremble as they rethink the extremity of their folly. Connecticut Carry calls on every State official, every Senator, and every Representative, to make the singular decision: Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or else repeal the 2013 Gun Ban in its entirety.

As many media sources have pointed out, there is very little compliance with the new edicts, and there is absolutely no way for the State to know who is obeying the law or not. State officials have made their bluff, and Undersecretary Lawlor has made his position clear, that the State will enforce the laws.

We say: Bring it on. The officials of the State of Connecticut have threatened its citizens by fiat. They have roared on paper, but they have violated Principle. Now it’s time for the State to man-up: either enforce its edicts or else stand-down and return to the former laws that did not so violently threaten the citizens of this state.

There is nothing that will so completely destroy faith in those edicts faster than the State-provoked chaos and violence that will be required to enforce the 2013 anti-gun laws. Connecticut residents should not have to live in perpetual fear of “the jack boot” coming down on them. Unenforced, frequently repeated threats fall on deaf ears. By passing laws that they cannot or choose not to enforce, State officials tell the public that this State is ignorant, immoral, blind, and impotent in its legal and decision making processes. The passage of such foolishly conceived, insufferable laws is an affront to every law-abiding citizen. Every official who supports such legal foolishness mocks our State and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

If the state does not have the stomach to enforce these laws, then the legislature has until May 7th, 2014 to completely repeal these immoral edicts and let the residents of Connecticut return to their rightfully owned property and former exercise of constitutional rights and practices without any threat of State violence.

“From Governor Malloy, to Undersecretary Lawlor to DESPP, Commissioner Schriro, and Lieutenant Cooke of the firearms unit, and including Lt. Paul Vance, the state needs to shit, or get off the pot. The fact is, the state does not have the balls to enforce these laws. The laws would not survive the public outcry and resistance that would occur.” – Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta

If officials of the State of Connecticut opt to get ‘froggy’ (jumping on citizens) and start to enforce the new laws (as officials have claimed a desire to do), Connecticut Carry stands ready to do whatever it takes and whatever it can do to represent and defend anyone impacted by the State’s violence.

“As citizens of Connecticut, we have a right to bear arms. With that right comes responsibility. The responsibility to stand in defense of ourselves and our fellow citizens is paramount.” – Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577
Email: [email protected]

About Connecticut Carry:
Connecticut Carry is a non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit organization devoted to educating Connecticut to our rights in Connecticut. Visit:

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Joshua Tiaby

Silly rabbits, just make up another law declaring violence illegal… 🙂


“John E Rinehart on March 4, 2014 at 9:17 PM said: Recall them and kick them down the road. I don’t think you can use a pole tar and feathers anymore. most of are not old enough to remember that.” True. BUT……spray glue (Super 77) and a sack full of feathers ought’a do it! Look; no officer acting as a thug and violating his oath to the Federal Constitution is fit to wear his uniform or carry a firearm. If such an individual is collected, I think I would relieve him of the firearm(s), strip him of his uniform (to… Read more »

TheHoneyBadger in AZ

I’d love to be at the party in Connecticutt when the balloon goes up, but there is just too much enemy territory between here and there. Those from Florida better plan on making an amphibious landing launched in North Carolina, because Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Nueve Jersi and Nueve Jorque are enemy territory and will confiscate your weapons and jail you.

Buster Crabb

Expose all that are willing to dishonor their oath to defend the US Constitution.Place pictures of them all over town.Leave list of names posted EVERYWHERE!! Post addresses,names,location of the COMI COPS..Tell their children`s class mates about their comi fathers,and Mothers,sons,and daughters…EXPOSE THE COWARDS TO ALL.

stand free

in canada we live in a communist country

the cops are corrupt THEY ARE RUN by the vatican masonic ORDER
the jesuits are destroying freedom

and America is already 17 TRILLION in debt

I can promise you 20 MILLION are going to starve in the next FIVE YEARS


when this thing goes nation wide





Sounds like a party in Connecticut!!!!
Missouri is supporting you all! Blow the whistle, we’ll be there with bells on 🙂


The West Virginia Fractionated Militia is with you.


Stay safe my brothers, we stand with you here in Utah

nelly O.

Cool it! Nobody is going to do a damn thing people are to scared to either go to jail or to fight even if it causes you to die in the process. Just look what happened in katrina people just gave their weapons to law enforcement. Come and take it. Please! Americans are spineless when it comes to this topic, guns and freedom.


Arizona, no matter what you think they are, you can fire bomb them and burn them to ashes or you can draw a katana and hack them into pieces, no matter what they can be destroyed, what man builds, man can destroy it.. so dont fear.


Nebraska Stands with you!


Hey folks, here is question I’m not hearing asked, the answer to which leftist authoritarians will not want made public. “Excuse me Sheriff, how many of your deputies are in compliance with this law?” As a LEO for a very large county agency, I can tell you A) the avg deputy holds leftist gun grabbers with almost the same enmity they hold gangbangers B) they know 1st hand the only way to ensure the safety of their families is with firearms, the bigger cal and larger mag capacity the better C) although they dream of being on scene fast enough… Read more »


We here in North Carolina also are on your side 100%, don’t let them threaten you or disarm you. do what ever it takes to stay free. their threat are empty lie their heads are. as far as the State police the heads of that Stasi gestapo must be fired and removed from their positions for they violated the oath they swore to protect. Begin With Vance’s Boss and then get Vance next as well as all the leaders who illegally voted for it.

Dee Doodles

The patriots of Florida say burn the highbrow families out of their residences and install constitutional servants. Fight fire with fire.


Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).


DO NOT SURRENDER !!!!!!! Gun owners have the high ground…be prepared for a 1st strike response… Take no prisoners. Publish pictures and addresses of your elected traitors .. Also post the same of those who try to enforce any illegal law… prepared for patriots out side your area to join you….


I am in Florida and I stand with the good citizens of Connecticut and the 2nd Amendment.

Tony Clifton

We are standing by in Washington State, DEATH to tyrants!


WV stand s by you!!!


Wake up America … they full control of your life! Let’s stand together and unite!

daniel lee morgan

The one thing that bothers me the most is? Aren’t these “good fellows enforcing these laws, contrary to the constitution, traitors at worst or use full idiots with badges ” I am with you! If it starts with you so be it! ps I would love to see some lib pos come to my door and try to arrest me for this so called law. God bless!

Arizona Steve

Many Arizonans and Veterans are with CT. It is time to fight like our for fathers did….
We want America back!


if guns start to be taken away . I have 2,000 troops that’s will be heading that way to fight , an to take back our rights. as GOD has given us all

Richard Frank

Oklahoma is onboard for the fight! Stay unified…

Rich in Wagoner OK

John Weiss

America is in this mess because it has thrown out GOD. America needs to repent, but doesn’t want to. Please read in the HOLY BIBLE from the book of “Leviticus chapter 26” This is what’s happening to America.


Those who have worked for the Globalist Bankers agenda to rob and murder the American people, should be afraid. Afraid of swinging from the end of a rope. Better do some neck exercises. You will likely need them as strong as they can get. Will be your only hope. Traitors need to be removed, permanently.

James Timms

Let me say just a few things about what Connecticut citizens are doing. Not only is their action ETHICAL, MORALLY UPRIGHT, IMPERATIVE, TIMELY, AND TOTALLY NECESSARY, The decision to fight against TYRANNY is Biblical and established by God’s law! Read Genesis 9 of the NOAHIC COVENANT! The LIMP WRISTED, POLITICALLY CORRECT, JUDASGOAT PASTORS AND CHURCH GOERS who have not clearly read this portion of the Bible can also read it in NUMBERS 35. The SAME covenant was delivered to MOSES MANY YEARS LATER. These SCRIPTURES clearly speak of the current events. Numbers 35 CLEARLY STATES 5 TIMES “THE MURDERER SHALL… Read more »


Fellow Americans, be vigilant. This is exactly the type of situation DHS has been preparing for, for quite some time.


BYOBB – Bring your own body bags.


Maybe all good citizens of the U.S.A should think about the attitude of our forefathers,and it should start in Connecticut. A lot of blood was shed so we could be a free people and have to live under the tyrannical whims of a select few. THROUGH OUT THE BUMS…..


If these politicians have violated their oath of office, then CHARGE THEM WITH IT. Bring the fight to them, put them in jail.

Brian Chapman

A greater man that I said it best. Either we hang together, or we will all hang seperatley.


Florida is ready for a march on the Ct. Capitol. Ct is a hot topic on all the Blogs nation wide. We will Put them out like we did in Colorado

John E Rinehart

Recall them and kick them down the road. I don’t think you can use a pole tar and feathers anymore. most of are not old enough to remember that.

John E Rinehart

In the State of Connecticut is there a process for recalling these idiots and kicking them out of office and installing someone who is sane?


What the Connecticut government fails to realize is they are outnumbered. When they come and surround your house to confiscate, they will then be surrounded by the citizens. Even if Connecticut police bring all their riot vehicles and man power, they will still be surrounded and out manned and out gunned….then what.


YES! Ct. Carry….GO! Many up here in Canada are right at your shoulder. It is imperative to carve this right in stone…and now.
Only by sealing this once and for all, can we start drafting plans to fire some of those traitors in gov’t and move forward to jail tons of those thieves on Wall Street, who could also be tagged as genocidal psychopaths they are. Then we can move to bringing our troops home, and work at restoring pride, honour, respect, confidence and everything that has been lost. I’m enraged enough to start walking towards CT this very minute.

63 Marine

These jerks who are trying to disarm Americans need to realize that they are going after the largest army on planet earth. That being the American hunters and legally armed citizens.
They WILL lose….Big time.


They are NOT going to forcibly disarm the banksters who live from Greenwich to Westport. period.


SB1160 and related actions by the state are not law. Article First(Declaration of Rights), Section XV states: “Every citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.” It is an unalienable, inviolate, inherent, God given right that cannot be legislated from the people by the Legislative branch, it cannot be executed from the people by the Executive branch nor can it be adjudicated from the people by the Judicial branch. That fact aside, no Statute can supersede either the U.S. Constitution or any State Constitution. The action taken by the State Legislative and Executive branches… Read more »


Why should Connecticut enforce the laws they passed when the President and AG Eric Holder use selective enforced of federal laws. We have a corrupt federal government and followed by a corrupt state governments.


The funny thing of this whole CT ban? The fact that patriot organizations from all over the United States are going to come to CT once the confiscation begins.

I bet the CT government never thought they would have to fight 600k volunteers from all over the country who will not let this stand. I’d love to see the horror on their faces when their police are arrested, disarmed, and stripped naked for all to see, and the knowledge they the elected officials are next.

Let Operation Connecticut Spring begin!


Go get ’em Connecticut Carry, Texans are behind you 100%.

David: San Antonio

…and so…it starts. Stand fast and stand steady…freedom or nothing.


F.U.C.K. Yeah!!!!


So what happens in a state where they have banned these guns, and say a homeowner who has not relinquished his firearms uses a gun deemed banned to protect his home from invasion? The homeowner now would be considered more of a criminal in the eyes of the state than the home invader?


Bring it on!!!!!


Texans will stand by their Connecticut brethren I am certain. This brand of tyranny will not slide into the Lone Star.

Jen Nyce

We have GOT to let Connecticut know that America supports the 2nd ammendment cause. They are the first on scene to many battles to come. This admin has to go .found this to help spread the word. I got one.

Carl Collicott

Its Official this “Law” is for Probate proceedings. Of course in any action that might be ‘characterized” as civil disobedience, one should be able to demonstrate that the government is proceeding unlawfully, and it’s the duty of the citizenry to protect their inherent rights, and secure the support of an informed public. The fact that this “legislation” is enforced through the Probate Court, could not have any other application, since it would violate the state Constitution of legislation addressing two separate subjects in one bill. Public Acts Public Act 13-3 An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety. Administered… Read more »