Connecticut ‘Does Not Have the Balls’ to Enforce 2013 Gun Ban

By AWR Hawkins

Gun Bans
Connecticut ‘Does Not Have the Balls’ to Enforce 2013 Gun Ban
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  With thousands of Connecticut gun owners flouting the new “assault weapons” registration law in their state, Connecticut Carry director Ed Peruta says, “The fact is, the state does not have the balls to enforce these laws.”

On February 14 it was reported that “as little as 15 percent of the rifles classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents were registered” by the December 31, 2013 deadline. This left an estimated 20,000 to 100,000 “assault weapons” owners outstanding, effectively committing class D felonies.

Various news groups from inside and outside Connecticut asked what the state will do to force compliance or if the state will actually do anything at all.

According to, Connecticut Carry put out a press release saying, “The anti-gun legislators and officials are scared to implement their tyranny because they know that they did not have any sort of consent of the governed” for its passage to begin with.

The press release continued:

State officials look down the barrel of laws that they created, and it is very probably that they now tremble as they rethink the extremity of their folly. Connecticut Carry calls on every State Official, every Senator, and every Representative, to make the singular decision: Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or else repeal the 2103 Gun Ban in its entirety.

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It’s a good thing the government in Connecticut doesn’t have the balls to enforce it. That saves the citizens the trouble of cutting their balls off.


Of course they wont arrest everybody, but they dont have to. They have now made everybody in the potential opposition felons, and can round up any one of them whenever they wish whenever they get out of hand. They will use obamas favorite tactic, selective prosection or opposition leaders. If you head any tea party or pro gun group in CT, and you own one of these guns, look out, they will be coming for you.

John D

If Connecticut gun owners really want to hoist their lawmakers on their own petards what they should do is report to their nearest police station, report that they have failed to register their weapons and be arrested, then plead “not guilty” and demand a jury trial.


I would get a county sheriff and county prosecutor on my side, a good lawyer, and arrange a test case. The county sheriff arrests based on the law, the county prosecutor brings the case and agrees with the defense and loses; then appeals. Up the chain, bring the case, agree with the defense and do your best to lose. (This is the same way the EPA arranges judgements with environmental groups.)

really stupid

You really, really don’t want to be the governor that started a state wide revolution. The problem is that you never know which way your own troops (cops, nat’l guard) will go once the shooting order rolls out.

Generally, at this point, the law gets ignored until the person is arrested for some other crime, the house is searched, if an “assault rifle” is found (or planted) then it gets upgraded to super felony status.

That way, the only people they’re bothering are the criminals. At first.


Janek on March 6, 2014 at 1:29 PM said: “You might not be saying that when Barry activates the National Guard to assist the police and state troopers in taking away your guns and rights.” If Malloy wants to use the NG for that, he can. But, if Barry calls out the Guard to enforce State law by confiscating weapons, he is in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act: The U. S. Military may not be used to enforce civil law, and if the President calls up the National Guard, they are under the authority of the Army, and therefore… Read more »

steve c.

Connecticut citizens move over Americans should just say no, do not comply with illegal laws and fight if needed. We the people are the ones to stop such tyranny, if you do nothing they win, if you comply they win, you must make a stand and every real American should stand with you if not we will get what we deserve, if so then they will get what they deserve. You owe it to all before you and all the people after you to just say no.


I might add, perhaps it’s time to form a militia, one the citizen-members might regulate well. I hear that the Second Amendment guarantees that right.


I think Jim’s point is: pick off one here, a couple there, and terrorize hundreds. They don’t have to arrest everyone; they just have to split gun owners with threats and a few “make an example” arrests. The way to fight this is unity. Unity, rage, donations, and multiplying the one patriot’s vote by many when it comes time to vote the Quisling bastards out. Send a message: send them home.


If they are going to snipe at citizens, without trial, You have created a lawless war zone based on intimidation and political power from the barrel of a gun. The police aren’t the only ones with the guns, and if political power comes from one, you can bet each and every citizen will vote with lead. If they want a war, they will get one and the police will be sniped at if they being to attempt such a thing.


“Unnecessary laws are not good laws, but traps for money.” – Thomas Hobbes


Janek at 1:29 p.m.

There aren’t enough National guard, police and state troopers to do that unless the gun owners bend the knee to this oppression.

Mike - The NSA Is Watching Me

CT Gun-Owners have more power than they know. There are lots of little things they can do to bring the state to its knees.

Here are a couple ideas …. A Rolling Roadblock – Get 10 or 12 cars across all lanes of the interstate driving less than the speed limit during rush hour …. Every gun owner on a Jury should vote to acquit. Watch the criminal justice system collapse …. Attend the rallies and meetings of the anti-gun politicians and start heckling them, like they do to our candidates.


Will there be any Oath Keepers among Conn. LEO? BTW, Maryland has no recall provisions in its Constitution.


I think that everyone in every state needs to call their representatives and try to get a bill passed that any one who does not uphold the Constitution of the United States will be held accountable and jailed for at least 1 yr including all polititions. Also any anti-gun groups.


Re: Connecticut “Does Not Have The Balls”. You might not be saying that when Barry activates the National Guard to assist the police and state troopers in taking away your guns and rights.


Right now if I was living in either Connecticut or Maryland who also recently passed a similar law I’d be working diligently to form citizen action committees to get out the vote to either re-call or vote these asses out of office. Kalifonia did it when they recalled their own Governor just a few years ago and it they can do it, so can any other citizen group who are organized. The fight is in the trenches and we need not cower in fear waiting to be taken out, we need to be actively pursuing our enemy who is in… Read more »

Bob Shell

If I lived in that sewer I would NOT register my guns either because they will get around to picking them up some point. It happens that way.



I was a sniper and have trained snipers, the word works for me because snipers can intimidate huge numbers of others–and that is what these laws are, intimidation facilitators–and it is working too!


Snipers are a valuable and coveted asset in our military. To call those lawas Sniper Laws doesn’t do our brave snipers justice. Let’s call the laws what they are – unconstitutional incompetent garbage legislation – trash laws.


I have a new term for these types of laws–feel free to use–let’s put a name to them. SNIPER LAWS! Snipers are selective shooters. Shoot (or In this case arrest)one or two of the enemy (gun owners)and you can freeze an entire company (other gun owners) in place, just like Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock once did. A SNIPER LAW allows LEOs and politicians to pick and choose who they want to go after, when and where. And perhaps the contact is random like an accidental random contact maybe at a rifle range, a fire in your house, a gun in… Read more »

Petition For Redress

Don’t underestimate the arrogance, ego or stupidity of elected officials. How dare the lowly general populace disobey us! We must “teach them a lesson” that we are a nation of laws (even illegitimate ones) that must be enforced. If they don’t enforce the laws they passed, it will undermine their self-perceived authority, and will illegitimize everything they’ve done to gain passage of this abomination. No…they’ve painted both themselves and the free citizenry into seperate corners….and you know what they say about being wary of a cornered animal (a “rat”, in the case of the legislators)’s only a matter of time… Read more »