Feinstein Trying To Ban Importation Of Semi-Auto Firearms

Dianne Feinstein
Feinstein Trying To Ban Importation Of Semi-Auto Firearms

BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- Senator Feinstein is calling for a ban on the importation of semi-automatic firearms she has labeled “assault weapons” and “military style weapons”.

It was just a matter of time before Feinstein continued to attack our gun rights. She is trying to recruit fellow Senators to sign off on a letter she is sending to Obama demanding anti-gun legislation.

This is what the Obama Administration has been waiting for; a roundup of anti-gun troops ready to attack our gun rights, and it is being lead once again by Dianne Feinstein.

We defeated Feinstein’s wave of anti-gun legislation in 2013; we must do it again NOW! We must flood the offices of every single U.S Senator demanding they side with the Second Amendment Patriots of our country and protect our rights.

Below are the important yet disturbing points in Feinstein’s letter to Obama:

We urge ATF to close the loopholes that allow the importation of military-style weapons into the United States. Such an approach should, at a minimum:

  • Prohibit importation of all semiautomatic rifles that can accept, or be readily converted to accept, a large capacity ammunition magazine of more than 10 rounds, regardless of the military pedigree of the firearm or the configuration of the firearm’s magazine well;
  • Prohibit semiautomatic rifles with fixed magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
  • Prohibit the importation of the frame or receiver of any prohibited rifle, regardless of whether it is incorporated into a fully manufactured firearm;
  • Prohibit the practice of importing assault rifles in parts and then constructing the rifles once they are in the United States by adding the requisite number of American-made parts;
  • Prohibit the use of a “thumbhole” stock as a means to avoid classification of a rifle as an assault rifle; and
  • Prohibit the importation of assault pistols, in addition to assault rifles.

Feinstein is on record saying if she could take away every American’s firearms, she would! Do not believe she is pushing for anti-gun legislation for any reason other than keeping firearms out of the hands of Americans. If she cared about stopping gun violence she would be focusing on the criminals that are committing violent crimes.

Here is another ironic piece of Feinstein’s letter:

According to a memorandum by the Council on Foreign Relations published in July 2013, over 70% of the 99,000 weapons recovered by Mexican law enforcement since 2007 were traced to U.S. manufacturers and importers.

I wonder how many of these recovered firearms in Mexico were given to criminals by ATF themselves in the Fast and Furious debacle. Too bad she did not mention that in the letter. It is almost certain that 100% of the weapons traced to U.S manufacturers and importers were illegal firearms. Why does she not concentrate on stopping criminals from possessing illegal firearms instead of stopping law abiding citizens from obtaining legal firearms?

Since the re-election of Obama there has been constant pressure and threats toward our Second Amendment. The only way to counteract these threats is for Law Abiding gun owners to stand up against them. We must demand our Senators side with the American people and protect our gun rights. We voted them in office, they work for us, and they need to protect the rights of our United States’ law abiding citizens.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
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Dept Code 156
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With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at www.ccrkba.org or by email to [email protected]

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ANYONE,AND I MEAN “ANYONE” who takes your weapons OR attenpts to take your weapons is GUILTY OF TREASON,therefore KILLING THEM is your duty as an american CITIZEN,they are to be HUNTED DOWN LIKE A WILD ANIMAL WITH RABIES,they are placing the freedom of every child in the future at the risk of being LOST,AND I know most of you girlymen don’t have children,BUT some of us do and you are supporting terrorists at every level of government,IF they even talk about taking anyones guns,YOUR JOB AS AN AMERICAN ,”IS TO BLOW OUT THEIR BRAINS”….period….


WELL it sadens me greatly,americans STILL don’t get it,WHERE ARE YOUR BELOVED POLICE GANGS??didn’t the swear to protect america against traitors foreign and domestic?SO why aren’t they ARRESTING THESE TRAITORS like frankinstein?OH thats right ,OUR constitution is just a joke to them too,so YOU MILITARY PEOPLE AND POLICE GANGS THING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL oath YOU WERE GIVEN WAS A JOKE huh?well you LIED to GOD and guess what,YOU HAVE SOLD YOUR SOUL,…FOR BREAD CRUMBS….good luck in hell boys………


Until these extremists get booted out of office at the ballot box or just die of natural causes, they will NEVER give up.


We’ve been lied too; we do have a “TERROR” weapon in our arsenal

Philip Martin

Well I see that witch is at it again, trying to impose her rule’s on the American people. Well think that witch should crawl into a deep hole and die. She is worthless.


Well Frankenstein is and has always been anti gun except when it comes to her rights, she has also said that only those in government are capable of having guns and are the only ones that should have them. D Frankenstein is one that needs to get voted out of office before she and her ilk finally do destroy what’s left of our rights. This thing known as D. Frankenstein is so anti rights that it is not funny.


Diane Frankenstein is worthless… she’s the poster child for the proposition that “You can’t fix Stupid!” She stated publicly that she had looked at “millions” of pictures of guns, and ridiculously insisted that such “study” made her an “expert on firearms…”

By that logic, every teenage boy in America is an expert gynecologist!