In New Jersey Cops Will Never Hear You Scream

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New Jersey –-( The blood has dried and washed away, the victim long buried, and thousands of shoppers have unknowingly parked their car in the exact same spot where his body fell dead.

The news has since reported on hundreds of new murders, rapes, and vicious violent crimes. And no one even remembers the cold-blooded murder except those family and friends who will never forget the most horrific day of their lives.

The violent carjacking and murder of young attorney Dustin Friedland in front of his wife while Christmas shopping at the New Jersey Short Hills Mall gained instant exposure due to the circumstances of the crime.

News reports focused on the fact that the attack was at an “upscale” and “predominantly white” suburban mall unaccustomed to inner city violence, although on that day, the inner city came to Short Hills.

Most reporters tacitly blamed the victim for his own murder; citing his purchase of a high quality vehicle that he should have known was in demand by criminally minded thugs. One idiot newscaster actually blamed car manufacturers for making automobiles too difficult to steal – thereby forcing minor every day non-violent car theft into an up-close and personal event.

Other public reactions to the brutal murder were predictable. Black leaders argued that Mr. Friedland dangled an expensive car in front of poor, unfortunate, and misguided inner city youth who never had his access to a life of privilege – as if decades of schooling, study, and hard work in achieving a law degree and successful career were handed to Friedland .

Black leaders and Democratic legislators alike used the crime to call for even more tax money to be thrown into politically corrupt and crime infested black inner cities such as Newark, Trenton, and Camden; ignoring the fact that nothing other than free dope and Berlin Wall style containment would do any good.

Democrats, who quietly cheer to every single gun related crime as a means to further their total gun ban agenda, immediately exploited the murder by again calling for the ban on firearms ownership by lawful New Jersey residents.

Yet, not one single “news” source or “reporter” stated the blatantly obvious.

That the State of New Jersey, and Democratic legislators in particular, now exist as unindicted co-conspirators in Mr. Friedland’s murder by knowingly and deliberately denying him his Constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense!

Unlike most states which recognize and uphold fundamental American freedoms and Constitutional civil rights, New Jersey does not. In fact, the entire Democratic Party, on local, state, and federal levels, has been at the forefront of the gun ban movement for decades – with New Jersey Democrats being the most virulent.

New Jersey Democrats have proposed hundreds of firearms restrictions and outright gun bans against law-abiding citizens in the past few years alone. Their shameless and despicable exploitation of Sandy Hook child murder victims in support of their latest proposed handgun ban, only underscores the intense obsession of Democrats to add you as the next crime victim.

Outside New Jersey, and where the Constitutional right to self-defense is recognized and upheld, lawful citizens stop between 800,000 and 2.5 million acts of violence every year! Lower crime in those areas is contrasted by N.J. State Police statistics showing a new violent crime every 19 minutes – crimes committed against innocent residents deliberately and callously made helpless victims.

For 2011 alone, the last year for which N.J. crime statistics are available, there were 380 murders, 991 reported rapes, and 69,010 violent assaults including assaults, carjackings, and home invasions. In total, more than 217,073 examples where police protection failed, yet where Democratic intent succeeded on behalf of the criminal element. And as our economy continues to deteriorate, crime keeps escalating.

Proven by their actions, Democratic legislators would prefer to see a woman raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, rather than standing over a dead attacker against whom she defended herself and possibly saved her life.

New Jersey Democrats have even been recorded discussing the need to have police “confiscate” all lawfully owned firearms; kicking down doors being their final solution to taking away your freedoms.

Indeed, the Democratic Party’s transition into the Socialist Party means massive changes to the American way of life. Total big government control and surveillance over every aspect of your life, a larger welfare state, destruction of family values, support for illegal immigration, Democratic takeover and destruction of the healthcare system, failure of the educational system, corruption – and no limit to how much they feel they can tax you.

Yet, while all such above changes inflicted by today’s Democrats are socio-economic, violent crime is instantly and forever life altering. A woman will forever remember the horror of being raped. The disarmed father helplessly watching home invaders sadistically abuse his family, as well as every family member, will never ever recover.

Here in New Jersey, just the purchase of a nice new car can get you killed in your very own driveway!

This is your future due to a Socialist Democratic party which has total contempt for your safety and right to life.

Dustin Friedland’s most basic right to defend himself that fateful day, had he sought to protect himself and his wife, was deliberately and illegally denied to him by he State of New Jersey and its Democratic legislators.

He was legally permitted the one and only one choice allowed to all New Jersey residents, which was to dial 911 and die – which he did!


Bill Palmer

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Folks are sick and tired of all the thugs getting away with murder while those in trenton have their own security staff and own their own firearms.

VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE over the next elections.


New Jersey , the ANUS of the eastern seaboard of the United States , you know , the one with Chris Christie as toilet attendant .

brian winters

In Nj it is illegal to have an unloaded in the case handgun except while on oute to or from the gun range or gunsmith etc. If I am on my way home from shooting as I was one day and my daughter called and said she had a leak in her apt faucet I violated the law by going past my house to her apt without first dropping off my gun.