Iowa: Senate Committee Chairman Refusing to Hear Suppressor Legislation

Hunting with Suppressors
Hunting or Shooting with Suppressors increases Hearing Safety

Charlotte, NC –-( Last week, on the heels of powerful grassroots support, the Iowa House of Representatives passed legislation to legalize suppressor ownership and use, House File 2381, with overwhelming bipartisan support.

HF 2381 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Robert Hogg (D-33), and at this time has not been assigned to a subcommittee.  Last year, Senator Hogg refused to give a fair hearing to another bill which received strong bipartisan (95-3) support in the House: NRA-backed House File 535.

Now, Senator Hogg has stated publicly that he does not plan to take up any firearms legislation this year, even going so far as to declare that he does not see anything urgent about this legislation, and according to this article, to challenge Iowans to make it a campaign issue.

The Iowa Senate has consistently failed to pass even the most strongly supported pro-gun legislation in recent years.  Your NRA-ILA has been diligently working with members on both sides of the aisle to change this.  However, it appears that the Senate is set to repeat this cycle.

To the NRA, this is simply an unacceptable attitude for your elected officials to take when it concerns your rights and freedoms, on any scale.  Your rights deserve a fair hearing and now is the time for you to demand one. 

Contact Senator Hogg and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee IMMEDIATELY to express your support for HF 2381 and request a fair hearing for it.  

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Robert Hogg (D-33), Chairman
[email protected]

Senator Thomas G. Courtney (D-44), Vice Chairman
[email protected]

Senator Charles Schneider (R-22), Ranking Member
[email protected]

Senator Nancy J. Boettger (R-9)
[email protected]

Senator Robert E. Dvorsky (D-37)
[email protected]

Senator Julian B. Garrett (R-13)
[email protected]

Senator Wally E. Horn (D-35)
[email protected]

Senator Janet Petersen (D-18)
[email protected]

Senator Herman C. Quirmbach (D-23)
[email protected]

Senator Steven J. Sodders (D-36)
[email protected]

Senator Rich Taylor (D-42)
[email protected]

Senator Jack Whitver (R-19)
[email protected]

Senator Brad Zaun (R-20)
[email protected]

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Robert Fowler
7 years ago

Hogg needs to be voted out of office. He’s nothing but a gun hating liberal idiot pisswit. I hope they do make it a campaign issue.