• 3 thoughts on “Michelle-Malkin

    1. Thanks again super ~~>*MM*<~~
      for having the guts, the femininity, the humanity, the decency, the patriotism & the Godliness
      which is 99% non-existent in today's Nazi Gestapo Satanic Socialist Political Propaganda Media
      of "Obama's Journalist Junkies" & the "Obama [miscreant] Media Groupies,
      for [marvelous] Michelle [Makes-Mye-World]Malkin, to tell it like it is,
      & NOT to tell it like it would make Obama's mentor, hero, & idol, Adolf Hitler & J. Goebels
      mad jealous.
      Luv U Lottz MM

    2. Michelle,
      Thank you for blasting the progressive fat cat stars for their fake sympathy! Palthow in particular is an idiot!

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