NJ Republican Assemblyman Rible’s Statement on Pending Gun & Magazine Ban

David Rible
David Rible

Trenton. NJ – -(Ammoland.com)- Assemblyman Republican Conference Leader David Rible, R-Monmouth and Ocean, released the following statement on Assembly passage of A-2006 which limits the capacity of gun magazines and A-2777 which establishes the definition of reasonable deviation in the law regarding transportation of firearms:

“Passage of the gun magazine ban is a victory for all gun-toting criminals who will continue to ignore our gun laws. At the same time, the legislation approved today only serves to make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners.

“Instead of including a simple amendment to clarify ‘reasonable deviation’ in transporting a firearm, we have now made it more likely that lawful gun owners will end up in jail.

“Taking away the rights of lawful gun owners does nothing to make our state safer and fails to address the mental health issues that led to several notorious mass shootings.

“We should be targeting criminals who illegally obtain and utilize firearms to commit their crimes, instead of again reducing the rights of legal gun owners to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

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  • 6 thoughts on “NJ Republican Assemblyman Rible’s Statement on Pending Gun & Magazine Ban

    1. In my opinion while gun safety-gun control is an issue that must be addressed I do feel that it is the right of every law abiding citizen to own a legal firearm if they choose to. With that being said I do feel that laws have to put in place that mandate not just that every legal gun owner go thru an extreme background check but that they have to qualify with that weapon. This means that they have to pass a registered and approved gun course in order to keep their firearm. It also means that law enforcement should inspect and approve the manner in which they are going to store their firearm at home. If anyone thinks for a moment that taking away the firearms from law abiding citizens is going to make it harder for criminals to get guns then you must also believe in the tooth fairy, santa claus, and the easter bunny. Criminals will find a way to get guns, deal drugs, commit crimes on any magnitude because they are CRIMINALS. Law abiding citizens are the ones that go thru the paces, fill out the paperwork, and pay the fee’s because they are LAW ABIDING. With that being said let law abiding citizens be and go after the criminals with all your laws and restrictions. While your at it go after the revolving door legal system that continues to put these animals who use guns to commit their crimes right back on the street along with the fat cat attorneys who represent them. That’s where your problem is, not the law abiding citizen.

    2. Based on the people they elect , the New Jersey voters are completely incapable of being entrusted with deadly tools , including firearms .

    3. Actually the folks in those states are getting exactly what they want. Almost all of the people I talked with when I worked and traveled through those states hold the same opinions as the statists in their elected goobermnt. I would suggest to the decent people that believe in our Constitution to depart and find a place that is compatible with their beliefs, and let the communists lie themselves into the muck…

    4. Actually, the people of NY, CO, NJ, RI and CA need to storm the legislature and drag ALL of the Liberal/Marxists out onto the public square and execute them. These people will not stop until they force the American patriots into a second revolution. Plain and simple.

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