NJ Gun Law Critic Targeted By State Police 72 Hours Prior To Hearing

By Dan Roberts

James Kaleda
Gun law Critic, James Kaleda ,seated, is asked to leave a 2013 Committee hearing on proposed gun laws after being declared out of order.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- News is breaking that an outspoken critic of New Jersey’s draconian gun laws is being actively targeted with an arrest warrant issued by the New Jersey State Police.

With less then 72 hours before a scheduled Law and Public Safety Committee Hearing on Assembly Bill A2006, a New Jersey proposed law to limit magazine capacity to a maximum of ten rounds of ammunition. Additionally the Assembly Bill A2006 would ban more than 30 models of common .22 plinking rifles.  Is it coincidental that the New Jersey State Police should suddenly find need to issue a warrant for Mr. Kaleda’s arrest only days before he would be expected to appear and testify at this type of hearing?

James Kaleda, is a well known outspoken critic of New Jersey gun laws and New Jersey Assembly abuses of parliamentary procedure. Mr. Kaleda was famously thrown out of a similar hearing last year by Democrat George Norcross for being “Out of Order“.  Today via social media Mr. Kaleda revealed that he received a phone call from the New Jersey State Police that a warrant has been issued for his arrest over allegations of falsifying portions of an application for a New Jersey Non-Resident Firearms Owner ID Card.

Mr. Kaleda was understandably and wisely reluctant to say exactly what the allegations were when I spoke to him, but he did acknowledge that the State Police contacted him approximately two weeks ago and suggested there was a problem with his paperwork and offered an opportunity to “come in and make corrections”. Mr. Kaleda declined, correctly deducing that presenting himself to make such changes would be viewed as an implicit acknowledgement of actually committing the offense of falsifying the document, essentially admitting to guilt of a technical violation.

It is one of the worst kept secrets in the country that New Jersey’s byzantine gun laws are enforced to a hyper technical level against its’ citizens (read Brian Aitken) and visitors alike (read Greg Revell). Even minor paperwork issues regarding New Jersey gun laws are routinely used as a cudgel to batter people into submission.

Mr. Kaleda previously obtained a valid New Jersey Resident Firearms Owner ID Card as well as numerous Pistol Purchase Permits and successfully purchased firearms in New Jersey without a hint of trouble when he was a resident of the state.

Is this a coincidence?  Could Mr. Kaleda have a technical error that has run him afoul of the complex New Jersey gun laws, very possibly. But the timing and allegations against Mr. Kaleda are highly suspect. A targeted effort to silence one of the most vocal and outspoken critics of New Jersey’s gun laws and prevent him from attending the scheduled Law and Public Safety Committee hearing on A2006 is not out of the realm of possibilities in New Jersey.

This type of tyranny is the very tactics of Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union, where it was routine to use the power and authority of the State to aggressively pursue, intimidate, silence and punish critics of the government. This type of behavior should be terrifying to ALL citizens, regardless of their feelings about guns.

When government oppression happens it must be exposed and the perpetrators held accountable. Oppression unpunished,  will serve only to further embolden the oppressor. Sooner or later it will be you, or a loved one in the cross hairs of the omnipotent power of the State.

If this is harassment by the state, as it appears, it cannot be allowed to stand, period!

As this goes to press, Mr. Kaleda has been in touch with noted New Jersey firearms law experts Evan Nappen as well as Scott Bach seeking their counsel and advice. More will be reported on this developing story as it occurs.

About Dan Roberts Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude’ filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ’s Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at [email protected] You can also find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dan.roberts.18

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NJ is a Nazi police state. We all know that. Please download and distribute our latest pro-gun flier on the Democratic Support of Murder in NJ.


Donald L. Cline

Okay, people, time to wake up start pounding these New Jersey government thugs with the U.S. Constitution: The Tenth Amendment says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” (Emphasis added.) Article V says the judges in every State shall be bound by the Constitution (including amendments, of course) regardless of State laws or its constitution. THE SECOND AMENDMENT SAYS THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED in pertinent part. THEREFORE the federal government has no… Read more »


ok pro2, so don’t pay any attention to anything else I wrote cause I did not ID a “clip” vs a “magazine” REALLY open your mind. I process firearms app’s I don’t use them.


@ confused come back and comment when you learn what a clip and a magazine are. Then your opinion will matter.


I would love if ppl would alter their concerns of what is important and what is not. Like how about having to have a safety course to be able to purchase a weapon, I don’t think it is enough that you fill out an app, and not have a “record” to get a weapon. Second the mental health form is close to a scam, there should be a central reporting center for mental health stays, right now it only checks the County you are applying from and either 4 or 5 state hospitals in NJ. These are what I think… Read more »


Political tyranny has been here for years, the people are only now seeing it as the huge problem it is. The day is coming, and is long overdue, when the people of this country finally have the cajones to stand up against these tyrants. These people have long been shredding all of our God-given rights, not just the right to keep and bear arms.We have to stand up and take this country back, it is time.

Christian American

Email your governor the double crossing Mr. Christie and let him know you are on to him and aware that he owes CAIR and others…

Eddie S

Just shows what happens when you question authority in Jersey. The Gestapo will be visiting you and you will be sorry!

Necessarily Anonomous

THIS is what our Forefathers imagined when they sacrificed their sacred honor, lives, and fortunes to establish our country? THIS is what all of our armed forces died for while protecting our country? Hugo Chavez,and Eric Himmler….. would be proud.

JME !;^|

Most of us, have lived an extremely privileged life Apart from the common violence that is in the world. Not to say that we here don’t endure the mindless violence associated with crime, but don’t dismiss what happens when when those in authority decide to make up THIER own laws or ignore ours to suit their agenda or their plans. ( absolute power -corrupts absolutely ). which are different from ours. ( life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness ) the words of men who wrote them, in a time when they realized that they had to FIGHT for the freedoms… Read more »

Paul E. Morris

Send this to everyone you know …. Send this by email, and on EVERY Social Media Source …



Talking, is not among the solutions to this problem


Why are SP wearing shaved heads like SS or skinheads, intimidation, with the uniforms, the entire attitudes, officer friendly was taken away…and they have blacked out illegally past the limit, and too many strobes lights that probably make then nuts,the threat look all the time….ss wannabees?


And Christie is the man who wants to be our next president? Well, well, well!

The 2nd amendment is NOT a privilege, It is a Constitutional right.


It seemed to me that the people were actually clapping for the gentleman who was by the way spot on in his comments. When he was informing the power tripper that he worked for them, he wss absolutely correct and the rest of the audience should have stood up then and vocally backed him up and demanded that he be allowed to stay. The power tripper counted on the people not coming to his aid and they fell into the trap that we have all been trained to fall into. The false accusation by a power tripper that “you are… Read more »


What you see here is a classic example of Chris Christie’s bullying tactics. If you don’t agree with him, the Doughnut King will find a way to get you, legally or illegally. Typical if everyday life in New Jersey.

Mark Matis

Some people have claimed that New Jersey is the “armpit of America.” I would contend that it is more accurately the “rectum for the Big Crapple.


You guys are all right that Chris Christie is up to his bullying again.


I used to live in NJ many years ago. It stuns me to see what an absolutely evil place it has become.

Spanish Fly

Look at the mindless sheep clap as the ignorant fs they are!!


This is another nail in the NJ governors presidential nomination. He has the authority over his state police and this act smells like a can of rotten sardines.


Now if 5 thousand people fill up the building, and hold it at bay until they release J. Kaleda, then that would be cool. Sort of a filibuster..


I don’t know which occupied state is in worse violation of citizen’s Constitutional rights, New Jersey, New York or Connecticut? I suppose Kalifornia should also be included. Obviously this kind of tyrannical oppression has nothing to do with guns. The tragedies that are bound to follow will also not be about guns.

Danny Goshop

Preemptive strike at the opposition there NJ? Harkens to shades of “Minority Report”,(prevent the crime by arresting the criminal before he commits his act…huh? How can one be guilty of something that one hasn’t done yet? what if they change their minds at the last minute and don’t commit the crime?) I guess they figure they can have their little gathering and get their plans passed without any dissenting voices present.

Leo Smith

The 2nd amendment is NOT a privilege, It is a RIGHT. NJ better wake up before we get angry. They don’t want to see us angry.


You are correct in that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a right, and that right is granted by the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Many folks believe it is a God-given right but it is not. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness, etc. AND the right of self-defense are God-given rights. The right to USE FIREARMS to accomplish self-defense is a government-given right established here in the U.S. by the 2nd Amendment. We need to remember that, and protect our Constitution from those that would try to change or ignore it. It would be very difficult to accomplish effective self-defense… Read more »


Mr. Kaleda was just apprehended by NJ State Police this morning in conjunction with his application.

Barry Soetoro

When Democrats mention gun control remember this picture:

Nazi Gas Chamber


When a Tea Bagger posts this image, please loan them a copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany”


So, the question is, are the officers of the law oathkeepers or not? Officers: stand up for the Constitution – remember when you remain silent you are complicit.

Bob Pinardi

its amazing how these laws meant to target criminals are being used to lock up non criminals. Just like those gun extremist warned they would be. Enough reason to over turn these laws.


Gun rights under attack, in NJ coming too a neighborhood near you soon. Game on.




A question..Do the politicians and minions and enforcers of these various ‘laws’..really think that they will be able to co-exist in a society that has lost all trust in any authority…?

Ray Hause

Rights of all states of their 2nd Amendment rights is guaranteed under our constitution. Where is Christie, he should be a defender of the constitution and yet he allows direct attack. N.J. is the perfect place for him for he wouldn’t win one precinct in my county, he should stand up for the people and the constitution.


Welcome to the Obama reicht America is turning into a European socialistic state. God help us.


It’s no coincidence that many police now have uniforms reminiscent of the Nazi’s. These supposed LEO’s are a disgrace and are the new face of oppression and tyranny.

Quick Draw Grandpa

Now I can see how Hitler and the boys did it!

Anthony Quatroni

We need to take away the power the police and courts have over its citizens.


The oppression will not go unpunished.

The storm clouds are gathering…


Wait until they start locking people up in the ” mental institutions” for their own protection when ever they oppose a gun law for them tyrannies installation will be complete.


When talking about New Jersey you wouldn’t be in error by refering to that geographic area as Republik Der Nu Jerzey, in Amerika. There are many bridges to Pennsylvania whereby you can escape to the real America. Now I know why there are “Help Wanted Ads” for N.J. State Troopers. As for their patrol cars – “Mehr Serienmassige Ps Als Die Deutsche Konkurrenz”.