RI State Senator Miller Tells Second Amendment Supporter Go F**K Yourself

Pro-gun control RI Rep. Josh Miller in foul-mouthed retort.

RI State Senator Miller Tells Second Amendment Supporter Go F**K Yourself
RI State Senator Miller Tells Second Amendment Supporter Go F**K Yourself

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Gun control loving, State Senator, Josh Miller (D), has a message for second amendment advocates who are concerned the legislation he is backing would turn them into criminals; “Go fuck yourself”.

Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi approached Miller and other lawmakers at the Rhode Island State House where a slew of anti-second amendment legislation was set to be heard later that evening.

“The second amendment shall not be infringed, you people need to understand that,” Bidondi told Miller.

“Go fuck yourself,” Miller responded as he smiled, before one of his staffers repeated the insult.

According to another individual who was with Bidondi, Miller repeated the “go fuck yourself” jibe a further two times after he was told “the majority is outside”. Miller had previously asserted that the majority was inside when speaking to a pro-gun control audience.

Bidondi asks Rhode Island residents to consider whether they want to re-elect a foul-mouthed individual who responds when challenged in such an unprofessional manner.

Miller is staunchly pro-gun control, having backed numerous pieces of legislation in Rhode Island that, according to the NRA, “would turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.” Miller’s major push is for a bill that would tax gun owners on purchases of firearms and ammunition, with the money being handed to ardently anti-second amendment groups such as the Brady Campaign.

A respondent to the YouTube video accused Miller of acting like a thug, commenting, “Typical mob guys. We used to jail the Mafia, now we let them hold public office.”

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Has anyone seen this in mainstream media? I haven’t.

Fred Feuerstein

What Americans fail to grasp, is that toadies,such as this, get elected because they are bombarded with liberal,socialist propaganda, day and hight by main stream media. Sheeple BELIEVE anything they hear, so morons like odumbo, and miller(left lower case out of disrespect), keep getting elected. We somehow need to get the TRUTH, into the MAIN STREAM.Not just within our own groups. “A house divided unto itself, cannot stand” The only way to defeat these people, is to join rescources, and get the message out, and expose these people for the corrupt charlatans they really are.They have spent 3 generations, brainwashing… Read more »


Does your aid go to the bathroom with you to? 2 complete morons…

Crotalus Maxximus

His Parrot has those Adam Lanza eyes. Better check his Mental Health Record.

Dave from San Antonio

Has anybody else noticed that when liberals know they are wrong or don’t have a valid answer or argument…they always resort to profanity…or calling people names? Although that didn’t happen here…at least it wasn’t heard or recorded. His free use of profanity, at a legislative meeting, says ALOT about the people that voted him into office.


Time for a recall election, if RI laws allow this.

Tell the Sen. GLOCK YOU


Hmm, it would appear that Rhode Island State Senator Miller needs an open handed slap back into reality, along with that googly eyed parrot that he keeps with him.

Capn Jack

His obvious ignorance seems to include anatomically impossibilities, but then again
has anyone ever seen him with his cloths off?


Does every senator in Rhode Island bring their boyfriend to the house to vote?

TSgt B

Book him a flight on Malaysia Air.


Take him hunting Dick Cheney !


Perhaps the fould-mouthed, pantie-waist state senator Miller needs to spend some some time in the south, perhaps in Texas. He needs to be taught some manners as well as a few details about the Constitution which I would presume he swore to uphold but did not read. I will assemble whatever manpower assistance the poor pathetic little bastard needs to get his mind right. What kind of people live in occupied Rhode Island anyway to elect such a sad little man?