Sisk Rifles Announces The STAR Rifle, Most Adaptive Rifle Stock You’ll Ever Shoot

Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle
Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle
Sisk Rifles
SISK Rifles

Dayton, Texas –-( Sisk Rifles announces Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle is now available in .223 and .308—a revolutionary new stock design that takes stock adaptability into the next century.

Everyone is jumping onto the adaptability bandwagon but they are limited to a few degrees of cast off or on, and tweaks in length of pull. Charlie Sisk of Sisk Rifles has spent years studying hunters and competitive shooters analyzing how their rifles fit—and don’t fit. The result is the STAR stock: The Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle. Instead of starting at point A and adjusting by bits and pieces, Sisk’s STAR turns stocks upside down—literally—exploding the scope of adaptability.

The STAR rifle adapts to your height, weight, shooting style and venue at three major points: the wrist, cheek and butt. But that’s not where it stops. Each of those three points has many other adjustments. The recoil pad assembly for instance can be screwed into an upper or lower position in reference to the butt, and then easily adjusted with 6 bolts beyond that. Then, the pad plate attaches to a bolt that will let it swivel at a 6 degree angle, to further fine tune how the pad contacts your shoulder, providing maximum felt-recoil protection as well as fit. All bolts and threaded parts are machined with the finest aluminum and won’t warp or bend. And all other adjustments can be made with just two Allen wrenches.

Now some may find no need for that extreme an adjustment but if you are not built like the ‘average man’ –say you’re not 5’9” , 180 pounds and male–all that adjustment is more than handy. It’s essential to good fit and good fit is essential to accurate, stress-free shooting. It’s something the 99% of us who aren’t ‘average’ have been waiting for.

This revolutionary STAR® rifle starts out as a billet of aluminum which is not only not temperature sensitive, but no matter how you adjust the stock, or how many times you take it apart and re-assemble it, the parts fit precisely together every time, and you never shift point of impact. Sight-in your STAR once—and only once.

The STAR rifle is now available for short action 700’s (starting at $6495); other calibers are available built to order.

Go to, click on the STAR® tab then each video.

Sisk Rifles STAR Rifle
Sisk Rifles STAR Rifle
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Paul W. Davis
Paul W. Davis
6 years ago

The following statement is not accurate: “This revolutionary STAR® rifle starts out as a billet of aluminum which is not only not temperature sensitive,” Expansion rate of microinches per inch per degree F by alloy. Aluminum 68 – 212 13.1 Aluminum Alloy – 2011 12.8 Aluminum Alloy – 2017 13.1 Aluminum Alloy – 2024 12.9 Aluminum Alloy – 3003 12.9 Aluminum Alloy – 5052 13.2 Aluminum Alloy – 5086 13.2 Aluminum Alloy – 6061 13.0 Aluminum Alloy – 7075 13.1 Aluminum has an expansion rate of 12.9 to 13.2 microinches per inch per degree F depending on the particular alloy.… Read more »