The Christian Science Monitor’s Gun Controlapalooza

By AWR Hawkins

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Washington DC – -(  In one fell swoop, a March 11th 2014 column in The Christian Science Monitor was used to criticize the NRA's lobbying for gun rights, the “notion that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own a gun as a tool for self-defense,” and the existence of “stand your ground” laws in Florida, as well as nearly half the states in the union.

Written by Patrik Jonsson, the column juxtaposes “protesters gathered for a [March 10th 2014] anti-gun rally in Tallahassee” with the NRA, described as having “[moderated] its rhetoric and legislative agenda in the wake of the” the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, but now preparing to “rev up its lobbying machine and put it back into high gear.”

Even without the NRA, according to the column, things are difficult for those who protest guns because “Supreme Court rulings have strengthened the notion that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own a gun as a tool for self-defense.”

Finally, Jonsson comes to “stand your ground” and tries to show its failure by pointing to the shooting deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. However, “stand your ground” was not cited by either defense in those cases; rather, both defenses argued on grounds of self-defense, leading to George Zimmerman's acquittal and a hung jury in Michael Dunn's trial.

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