Voice of Russia: U.S. ‘Stand Your Ground’ Brutality ‘Disguised as Self-Defense’

By AWR Hawkins

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Voice of Russia: U.S. ‘Stand Your Ground’ Brutality ‘Disguised as Self-Defense’
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On March 26 2014 the Voice of Russia contended that U.S. “Stand Your Ground” laws “promote brutal murder…disguised as self defense.”

The proof? No less than “the groundbreaking incident between shooter George Zimmerman and now deceased Trayvon Martin.” According to the Voice of Russia, “Americans have been acting quite differently after the court ruled in Zimmerman’s favor, claiming that the ‘stand your ground’ law protected him from being convicted of murder.”

The problem with this argument is that Zimmerman did not use “Stand Your Ground” as part of his defense. Rather, he was acquitted on self-defense grounds alone.

The Voice of Russia article points to a 2012 Tampa Bay Times’ study showing that while “Stand Your Ground” cases have been on the rise in Florida, so too have gun sales.

(Shouldn’t they have written that while gun sales have been on the rise, so too have “Stand Your Ground” cases?)

The Voice of Russia did not cite or break-down the results of the Times’ study, which showed that “Stand Your Ground” ultimately makes the vulnerable less vulnerable. On March 15, Breitbart News reported that blacks in high crime areas benefit the most from “Stand Your Ground” laws and are acquitted via a “Stand Your Ground” defense seven percent more often than are whites.

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I listen to the Voice of Russia quite often since it gives a different slant to much of the news not readily available in America.
That being said, it is definitely not connected to the Russian government with its endorsement of modern “art” and homosexuality.
There are some rightwing views and ideas now and again and plenty of leftwing views and ideas.


Under communism , EVERY person is a subject and has NO right to self defense , neither from the government nor the criminals .


Russia has strict gun control & a murder rate 4 times that of the US. We can learn what not to do from them. They should keep their говно to themselves.


Rather than comment on U.S. “stand your ground” laws maybe Voice of Russia can offer true unbiased coverage if and when the Ukrainians “stand their ground”?