War on Boys Attempt to ‘Create Society of Frightened People’ says Tammy Bruce

By AWR Hawkins

Tammy Bruce
Tammy Bruce
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — On March 8th, Breitbart News was able to sit down with author and radio host Tammy Bruce to discuss the ongoing war against boys–especially as seen via zero tolerance school policies that result in suspensions for young students who pretend to point their finger like a gun.

We asked her, “So many times we hear about ‘the war on boys'–of a boy fashioning his hand or breakfast pastry into the shape of gun, then being suspended. What are we to think of this?”

Bruce responded:

Look, there is a culture through the left that wants to emasculate the nation as a whole. It's through the military, of course, you see Obama trying to do that, as well. We see it through what's happening in education. Political correctness itself was meant to end the notion that we could have direct conversations, that we could be ambitious, that we could be our own people.Men are seen, of course, by the feminist movement and by the left who are led by the same individuals as those with the feminist-movement mentality. And they see the best way to emasculate the nation–certainly to cut it off at its knees–is to start with the children. And the biggest threat there are little boys.

If you can change the mentality of little boys, train them from an early age to not be who they are–and that's, of course, what the left's general attitude is for everyone in this country… Ironically, I think the most difficult people to train in that way are little boys.

Breitbart News also asked, “What specific response do you have when you read that a ten-year-old boy who fashioned his hand like a gun was charged and suspended from school for ‘level 2 lookalike firearm‘?”

Bruce answered:

It's obscene. It's an obscene attempt to effectively brainwash an entire generation. We see this in fascism all the time, but in America the absurdity is that we do it in the name of saving the children. We effectively lie to people to get the same dynamic in.It is a truly grotesque effort to create a society of frightened people.

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