West Virginia Gov Signs Bill ‘Eliminating City Gun Ordinances’

By AWR Hawkins

Charleston WV Mayor Danny Jones, vocal opponent of SB 317. (Photo credit: Kenny Kemp / WV Gazette)
Charleston WV Mayor Danny Jones, is a vocal opponent of newly signed SB 317. (Photo credit: Kenny Kemp / WV Gazette)
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On March 25th 2014, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin (D) signed Senate Bill 317 into law which “[eliminates] city gun ordinances,” making state law predominant.

According to The State Journal, Tomblin said he signed the bill to “support 2nd Amendment rights” and establish “uniform and consistent gun laws throughout the state.”

Some municipally-owned recreation centers showed immediate concern over the signing of the bill, especially those who had set their own rules on the carrying of guns on their premises. Under SB 317, West Virginians with “concealed-carry permits can bring their guns into recreation centers as long as they are securely stored and out of view and access to others.”

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones plans to bring suit against the new law in Kanawha County Circuit Court. He hopes the court will rule that recreation centers in Charleston are part of the Kanawha County School System, which would omit them from SB 317 and make it felony to carry a gun in the centers.

“If we do not prevail, we hope there will be no trouble at the recreation centers,” Jones said. “If there are either shootings or shootouts, we hope none of the innocent children that take part in the programs there are hit with any stray rounds of ammunition.”

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Banning concealed firearms from a place of business or recreation is stupid and an exercise in futility. If a person with a ccw enters, how the bloody heck is anyone to know if he/she is carrying if the gun is concealed? Some people excel in ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance can be corrected, but stupidity can’t be fixed. It’s like ugly; it goes clear to the bone. Some folks hit every branch on the way down when they fell out of the stupidity tree.

MSG John Laigaie

James is spot on. My State of Washington has State preemption in order to stop the “patchwork quilt” of laws that could only trip up the Honest Citizen. A statewide standard keeps the People safer and LEOs on the same page.
Ranchman is correct also as the Criminal will not adhere to any law.


I am really shocked that such a liberal state would succumb to such a commonsense action .


This is a good thing, without uniform firearms law, every city and town could have their own laws and it is very easy for a law abiding citizen to end up violation one or more of these local ordinances and end up in court and or jail.

In NC, the last update to the Concealed Carry Law put a stop to 100 counties and who knows how many smaller cities from passing their own laws.


I would hope that the legislators in WV took a clue from what has transpired in the past in FL and put some sanctions with teeth in the law to make anyone who tries a work-around have to pay a substantial penalty for thumbing their nose at the state.

Capn Jack

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones shows his ignorance in “Hoping no one is hit by any stray Rounds of Ammunition”. Maybe he needs an enlightened proof reader….Who could change that to “Bullets”.


So how are you planning on stopping criminals from carrying guns wherever they want? This is a stupid straw argument that socialists use who just want to control the people more & more. Claiming that law abiding gun owners, being allowed to carry their firearm in more places equals tragedy is one of the dumbest arguments in this debate. It makes absolutely no sense.