When Will The Gun Control Zealots Demand We Ban Airplanes?

Gun Control Zealots demand we ban airplanes
When Will The Gun Control Zealots Demand We Ban Airplanes?
Eric at the Gunmart Blog
Eric at the Gunmart Blog

United States –-(Ammoland.com)- If you have not heard yet (what do you live under a rock?) a Malaysian airliner went down (has gone missing) several weeks back and approximately 250 people are missing/dead. Read that number again… 250 people.

Sooooo…… Where is the ‘OMG, we must ban it!‘ crowd at on this one?

I mean, ‘if it saves just one life’ – or you know, 250 lives! – shouldn’t we ban airplanes? Where is all the talk of ‘common sense airplane control’, or demands for ‘reasonable airplane capacity restrictions’, or any of the other bed-wetting talking points from the gun control playbook? I mean, is no one thinking of the children!?!

Why do we not have any political action groups forming and collecting large amounts of money to back professional airplane banners? Where are all the moms requesting, no, demanding action!? Why is no one petitioning our ruling class politicians to pull the preemptively prepared anti-airplane laws out of their desk draw so that we can finally bring down the evil airplane lobby?

Is this not the catastrophe that we have been waiting for!? Is this not the time to exploit the dead men, women, and children to finally cure this evil from our land,,, uh correction “sky”? Why is our president not giving speeches on this… do the dead not bear a close enough resemblance to his son if he were to actually have one?

I guess not, because I have yet to hear one single word uttered about banning these ‘high capacity, death machines that only belong on a battlefield’. I guess more people are going to have to die and more airplanes will have to be used as weapons of mass destruction before we see ‘common sense airplane control’ in this country. I guess all of the politicians and all of the activists that get all worked up about a tragic loss of life only really care when it is an event that can be used to further their political dogma and/or line their pockets with cash.

Who would’ve thunk it!

Eric at the Gunmart Blog – Eric is a gun blogger, firearms enthusiast, and sorry excuse for a hunter. He is also an AmmoLand Shoting Sports News Columnist. Leave him some comments on this article before you go. You can also follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter and at his blog, Gunmart. Visit: GunmartBlog.com

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The reality is that airlines are allowed to run a muck until people are killed . A well known Israeli airline had solved the pilot safety issue in the 1980’s. Lock the crew in the cockpit .The cockpit area was increased , a galley installed , a Lavatory just for them installed . The flight deck crew does not ever interface with the public , the cabin crew members are trained to perform any observation that the flight crew may require. Examples flap positions , landing gear manual extension. American corporate greed keeps the airlines from mandating this since it… Read more »


As long as they are not painted black and do not hold more than 7 passenges Diane Finestein and her ilk will approve of it!



The point was that Anything can be over regulated, and as a police officer, I can tell you that the Courts need to punish the Violent Criminals, but they always give them breaks. Maybe we should ban cars because of drunk drivers, because they Kill people and I’ve been injured by drunk drivers more than once.

If the laws on the books were applied, then we would have a better world. I have no problems with the public being armed and concealed carry, but the violent criminals Must be locked up or executed.


Ben and blog, this is not a good analogy. Control freaks aren’t concerned with objects whose main purpose is “going somewhere”. Antigun freaks, control freaks all, really think that it is important what the device’s purpose is. And they get to say what purposes are legitimate. Ben. What do the UNREASONABLE people ask. Those are the peeple who rule. I would be worse than unhappy if a child were punished for raising his arms in a “T” to play airplane. But police were flying airplanes and dive-bombing us is okay. This is the situation we have here. The blog wasn’t… Read more »


Perhaps, it wouldn’t be quite so bad if the people calling for the draconian gun control measure’s actually knew what the heck they were talking about when they were calling for the bans of particular classes of weapons. Just because it looks scary and shoots only water doesn’t make it dangerous!


Hi Ben, Your comment definitely makes sense. But what you are missing is that the “anti-gun” activists aren’t asking for just a sensible system. Over and over again, they have proven that they want something more than that. Take CT for example, or NY, or CA, and even my home state of MA, where a law abiding citizen like myself has a License to Carry because I live in a “green” town where the Chief of Police respects my rights to defense, but if I were to move anywhere closer to Boston, the Chief’s of the towns there would deny… Read more »


Ben, there is no such thing as a “reasonable ‘anti-gun’ activist”. But you are correct in one thing. Your opinion is very unpopular.


Sadly, even with all the regulations and training required to operate and maintain a commercial airliner, it didn’t do the passengers a bit of good; whether it was operator error or poor maintenance, the regulations that were put in place failed the people it was supposed to protect. While the article is an amusing bit of satire, and we can certainly all agree that airlines should be regulated, and likewise dangerous individuals (i.e. criminals and the like)should be prohibited from having a weapon, the caveat here is that regulations are worthless unless they are enforced. We, the honest, law abiding… Read more »


The thing is – planes are regulated. In order to legally operate an airplane, you have to acquire a pilot’s license. To get one, you have to show that you are fit to operate such a machine, and when you want to fly bigger airplanes, you have to get higher ranked licences. This, in fact, is all that reasonable “anti-gun” activists ask – that a sensible system is in place, in which people who want to own guns show that they are fit to operate these guns and can handle them responsibly. You would be right to be unhappy about… Read more »