Women Hunters Target of Death Threats, Phone Calls & Harassment by Anti Hunting Bullies

By: Kali Parmley, USSA
Average Woman Hunters Being Targeted by Antis

Charisa Argys
Charisa Argys has been the target of hateful animal rights scum.
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

Columbus, OH –-(Ammoland.com)- On average, 13.7 million hunters hit the field every year in pursuit of game with 11 percent of that figure being women.

Celebrity sportswomen are commonplace on television, Internet and more and have recently come under fire by the anti-hunting community for promoting an outdoor lifestyle.

However, in recent months, average women hunters are finding themselves in the crosshairs, being threatened and harassed by people from around the globe.

As is the case with Charisa Argys, a Colorado native and avid huntress who recently came under attack after a photo of her with a trophy mountain lion was shared on Facebook by an animal rights activist. That person, Silvia Wadhwa, is a German financial journalist currently working in Frankfurt, Germany.

“I posted a photo of my daughter with her recently adopted housecat on our local Humane Society Facebook page,” explained Argys. “The next thing I knew, this Silvia person commented on and posted a link to my personal page with a photo of my mountain lion. I have no idea how she found me.”

The comment in question referred to Argys’ mountain lion photo saying “Sadly, you don’t love ALL cats, Madame…”

Different anti-hunting organizations quickly picked up on the photo and it was then posted to dozens of Facebook pages including the International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action (World Action), which includes numerous branches representing different countries around the world. According to World Action’s Facebook page, they specialize in environmental welfare, conservation, preservation, and anti-poaching.

A fire storm of comments surfaced targeting Argys, often negatively referring to her physical appearance as well as threats to her life and family.

“I have never been called so many horrible, hateful names in my life.” said Argys. “They even went as far as to post my full name, address and directions to my house.”

Comments included:

  • “Let’s hunt her!”
  • “This ugly woman is an embarrassment and shame to all women around the world;”
  • and, “I hope she knows how much she’s hated. Male or female, I hope they all suffer horrible hunting accidents.”

After a flood of comments, mostly by sportsmen to World Action in support of Argys, the photo of her and the mountain lion were removed. However, it was soon replaced with an article about women hunters on their sister site, speakupforthevoiceless.com.

Focusing on sportswomen, the article entitled “Hunting is Not Conservation,” attacks women hunters, and at times men, referring to hunters as having “antisocial personality disorder or sociopathology.”

According to the unknown author, women posing with their kill, specifically mentioning women wearing bikinis, is “behavior typical of serial killers that feel they need to prove themselves to their family or victims.” The author goes on to say that hunting gives women a “form of sexual gratification, a feeling of power and lust” and claims that women hunters wish “they were sexually abusing women, or maybe themselves.”

These types of articles may seem laughable but the threats Argys continues to receive are not a joke.

“I went on my first hunt when I was three years old,” said Argys. “I have been hunting with my dad ever since and it is a family tradition to us. I really can’t believe this is happening to me and my family.”

Argys is not alone, as women hunters across the country are finding themselves under attack like never before. As reported by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) in an earlier publication titled “Hunters in the Crosshairs,” celebrity women such as Melissa Bachman, Olympian Corey Cogdell, Olivia Opre and others have come under scrutiny from the anti-hunting community in recent months.

Why are animal rights activists targeting women hunters?

“They’ve seen an increase in women hunters over the past several years and that makes them nervous,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. The increase in women hunters, shows that our hunting heritage is not only being passed on from the father of the family, but from both parents. Certainly something that the anti’s don’t want to see as it puts their agenda in great jeopardy.”

Numerous photos of women hunters with downed game can be found on all branches of World Action Facebook pages, and at times, full names of individuals along with locations of where to find them are posted.

“This is just the beginning,” says Pinizzotto. “The anti-hunters are attacking all methods of hunting to spread their radical agenda. Women, unfortunately, are just their next target. We have to come together as a community to make them stand down and to protect not only our hunting heritage, but all who enjoy it.”

About:The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen’s organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit www.ussportsmen.org.

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@Marcia – While you’re on the subject of bullies, how do you feel about the current crop of politicians in Washington?


Hunters are bullies, plain and simple. No matter what excuses they give, they enjoy killing and taking lives that had no part in creating. They also yell the loudest when they get hurt by accident. If you can’t take what you hand out, then stop the harming and the killing. And yes, killing seems especially ugly in women. We don’t need to imitate men in their violence.

And by the way Oldclimber (with the emphasis “old”), people aren’t against cruelty because they are atoning for past sexual sins against God. If they were, there probably wouldn’t be any hunters.


This was a legal hunt for conservation. Yes she did take a picture of herself and the animal. Big deal. As a hunter we are the ones supporting all wildlife. Not just the animals we hunt, but song birds, frogs and all wild animals. Without hunters, you wouldn’t have near the amount of wildlife that you have today. We fund the vast majority of conservation programs for animals. I hunt animals, I eat the animals that I hunt. I’ve volunteered for “The Birds of Prey Foundation”, they rehab injured birds of prey and release them back into the wild. I’ve… Read more »


I’ve been a shooter for nearly 45 years and have even done some hunting for the experience. Like others I understand hunting animals for food as well as to control over-abundant populations. Also, hunting animals that prey on livestock or those that endanger humans, such as bears or coyotes near people’s homes, makes sense to me. I’m not quite so keen on trophy hunting except when it’s done as part of thinning a population. The license fees, along with taxes on products used for hunting support wildlife management so those trophy hunters contribute to maintaining the animals. I’m not fond… Read more »


Interesting isn’t it. People who subscribe or read, people who own guns, like to shoot, etc… and absolutely ‘no’ agreement. I have been using firearms for over 50 years, mostly tactical (oh, I can hear it now…) and do not hunt. I think ‘hunting’ is one thing, poaching is another… I love to cook venison and friends bring theirs to me for that purpose. But we are woefully divided and more than anything I recall a tenet of tactics…”divide and conquer.”



connie davis

all these anti hunters are not very smart.they do not seem to know that hunters carry guns


I have always associated “animal lovers” with people haters. As I grow older, I am more than ever convinced their “commitment” to animals comes from a deep sense of guilt in having performed acts that are great traditional and traditional-moral taboos. Like abortions, or the related, wanton promiscuity. Or even worse… It is like this ilk of the irrational, to bargain down what used to be considered grave offenses to God and society, though they have to be blind enough to realize it is only they who are doing the bargaining. My question is — “Does their action/reaction show both… Read more »


Sylvia Wadhwa ‘journalist’? is a sick person. In our country we respect diversity and believe that to keep the world in balance we need all kinds of people. This young hunter perhaps saved many lives of livestock and possibly human with her hunting skills. I really doubt Sylvia has helped anyone with her ‘journalist’ skills, she deals in hate.

Old Hunter

I love it….when the anti-hunters talk about hunting/killing hunters. I guess they don’t comprehend that it might be fatal to come after someone with a gun who knows how to use it.

Virgil Ferguson

Ladies, when threatened, remind the people making threats that YOU are the one with the fire-power.


Anyone can buy a gun. But not everyone can be an idiot.


I’m kinda wondering that such publik display and actions could conceivably construed as a hate crime, punishable by some minor sentence of law. Or perhaps a slander lawsuit


Sure a bunch of anti trophy hunters posting here. Their money helps keeps hunting alive for everyone.
Better think through what your posting before you go saying something stupid and having it in print. Hunting is alive today because of license revenue and the likes of groups like WHAT Ducks and Ducks Unlimited and many other groups that raise money for the sport of hunting.

Owen King

So, when is open season on the anti-hunters? The violence that they advocate against other humans is outrageous, makes me wonder who the real anti-social people and sociopaths are. I mean really, don’t kill the animal, but kill those who would kill the animals. Cougars are very dangerous and when their habitat gets crowded, they will eat children, I have a friend who was attacked and lost body parts to a young cougar. I have had livestock eaten by at least one cougar. They are beautiful, but deadly, if Silvia Wadhwa would like, we could introduce her to a cougar… Read more »

John W. Tobin

As long as they want to publish the names of gun owners, and hunters, I see no reason why anti gunners and those who threaten gun owners can’t also have their names published.
Tit for tat. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Game on!

Old Curmudgeon

Kudos to this huntress for a fine trophy!! and nothing better than cougar steaks on the grill. To those of you out there posting negative and hateful thoughts: I hope that neither you nor your kids are ever attacked by one of these “cats”. Anti-hunters have closed down hunting in several areas, and all of these areas have all experienced increases in predation on livestock, pets, and yes, attacks on humans. If you are so convinced that they aren’t a threat maybe you’d like to spend a night or two camping under the stars where you can experience your Disney-esque… Read more »

James Walker

Where Are The Hate Crime Laws When Thy Can Be Applied To The Senders Of Hate Mail To This Lady? Seems The Liberals Are Allowed To Hate And Get Away With It, While Everybody Else Can’t. Doesn’t That Mean Liberals Apply A Double Standard To Everything, Sshh, We Can’t Let Everyone Know That.


You sorry ass liberals need to mind your own freaking business. Big cat meat is delicious. You should try it sometime. My family does not hunt to kill and leave it rot in the field but we hunt to eat what God has offered to us. Hey Libbers ,there’s the G word that you hate so much and want to destroy but we are growing stronger by the day.
You go girl hunt all you want I’m proud as hell of you.


Dear BigR: You must not live in cougar country if you think a cougar is not “a danger to others or livestock.” I know where you DO live, though – Self-Righteous Liberal Fantasy Land.


Why do some of you ASSUME she killed it for a trophy? There are many reasons for killing cats and, no matter the reason, many of us do eat them. They are tastier than chicken!


My father told me as a kid, “never hunt for the sake of killing something and leaving it in the field” And “Only kill what you intend to eat”!

This woman is no hunter!
She is a murderer!
She is only doing it for the attention she can get!

Capn Jack

Hell! Send me her address and I’ll send her roses. I wish my wife was a hunter.


I’m a gun owner and a hunter, but for the life of me, unless there is an overabundance of an animal and their just culling a herd for the good of the whole, or if it’s a danger to others or livestock, then I can understand it. But, to kill an animal just to hang on the wall or make a rug out of it, is disgusting to me. That is a beautiful animal, and just to kill it for no good reason, except it would look good hanging on the wall in a den, or make a nice rug,… Read more »


Liberals, especially the anti-hunting, anti-firearms types, cannot stand to see a strong woman in a position of dominance. If it were up to them the Earth would be devoid of humans so the animals could rule the Earth — you know, the lion would lie down with the lamb.

What they fail to realize is that they merely have to view the habits of the animals to see haw they should be treated. Merely watch how they treat each other.