You Don’t Know Dick & Beware the ‘Look-Alike Gun’

SOTG 053 - You Don't Know Dick & Beware the Look-Alike Gun
SOTG 053 – You Don’t Know Dick & Beware the Look-Alike Gun
Student of the Gun Radio
Student of the Gun Radio

Biloxi, Mississippi
— ( – Are you aware of the Dick Act of 1902, also known as the Efficiency of the Militia Act of 1903? If not, you might not know Dick.

This week we examine the Dick Act (HR 11654) and consider what it means to American gun owners.

We also have Slave State News from Kalifornia and New York. One state wants to overturn a Pro-2A court ruling and another wants to jail a homeowner for shooting an armed intruder.

During part two of this week’s show we have, sadly, another report of psychological terrorism from the public school system. You may be in possession of a “Level 2 Look Alike Firearm” and not even know it. A Missouri lawmaker has proposed a new Criminal Protection Act to potentially make the life of violent felons safer. We have yet another Vagination Report. If you are a soldier in today’s Army you might be an “extremist” and not know it. Listen to find out.

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Student of the Gun's Paul Markel
Student of the Gun’s Paul Markel

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Don’t ask any LEO, ask a Lawyer and pay him or her for their time and get the answer in writing on their letterhead.

Take no chances.


Mic, I disagree with your assessment on principle. I’m certainly not a lawyer, but if an individual demonstrates hostile intent, utilizing deadly force (firing at me with a firearm), I believe they remain a threat until neutralized. Which is why police are so often let off for shooting a suspect in the back (among other reasons). There’s also the possibility the threat is retreating to secure another weapon, or to reposition to subsequently re-engage you. The law may disagree, but let’s consider the source and enforcement arm of our current law, then review whether or not shooting a demonstrated aggressor… Read more »


In NYC you can’t own a cigarette lighter that looks like a gun…You can be arrested and incarcerated…I would call someone in your local law enforcement and ask them!


I’ve got a matching pair of “class 2 look a like” firearms and I live in New Jersey, do I need to get a permit for them?


The guy in ny city thats going to go to jail shot at the guys after they had disengaged and were running away. CAN NOT SHOOT PEOPLE IN THE BACK! even if they have shot at you if the are leaving and not shiotibg as they do.

I strongly believe in self protection and have been CCW daily for 25 year’s and had to clear leather three tines. Thankfully thats been enough to stop the bad guy and i did not have to pull the trigger. But this guy in ny went over the line.