2nd Amendment Muscle Car on Display at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

2nd Amendment Muscle Car on Display at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits
2nd Amendment Muscle Car on Display at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

Indianapolis, Ind – -(Ammoland.Com- – The 2nd Amendment muscle car, designed by Danny “The Count” Koker of the TV show “Counting Cars,” and owned by Andy Ross, musician and host of “Maximum Archery” on Sportsman Channel, is on display at the 143rd Annual NRA Meeting & Exhibits at Indianapolis, Ind this weekend.

Ross is giving away autographed posters of the muscle car, which is located near the main entrance to the show in the main lobby of the convention center.

“This car has only been out on tour for a limited time, so we are excited to bring it to the core audience of NRA members who could really appreciate it,” said Ross.

Watch this video of a “behind the scenes” take with The Count on how this care was made:


  • 7 thoughts on “2nd Amendment Muscle Car on Display at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

    1. Mr Ross, I’m retired Navy and needless to say, a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, as well as the rest of the Constitution. My partner (Purple Navy SEAL (retired) and I just started a shop a year ago, our dream job, building muscle cars and hot rods. When I first seen Counts Customs episode of your Stingray a couple of years ago, I melted. but overjoyed. I connected on so many levels, I cant even begin to describe. I had been scrapbooking C3 Vettes for some time, as I also own a 69. Photos of your 2nd Amendment immediately went to the front of my book. I also have an extensive diecast collection and one of my first thoughts was, a die cast needs to be made of this car!
      Well today, I stumbled across the fact that you have produced a die cast. I went on searches but to no avail. Is it still available and through who. Any info you have to offer is greatly appreciated!
      Thanks so much for all your work!
      God Bless,
      Edd Dalton.

      1. BEWARE OF ANDY ROSS. THIS GUY IS A CROOK! On 22nd of May 1995 we have paid US$. 4496,50 to his company KROSSROAD (Guitar amplifier company) As a Benelux distributor in Musical Instruments he should supply us KROSSROAD Bass Amps and Cabinets. After a lot of letters, faxes and telephone calls we only received 1(!) AR200 Bass-head which leaves an amount of US$. 4.116,12 plus 10% per annum interest from May 22, 1995 until delivery or refund.
        Andy Ross (and hid father Budd) told us a lot of Bullshit stories why they did not supply us the goods we have fully paid for (“new electronic supplier RL Drake”, “growing pains”, “wrong circlet board”, “ “changing colors”, “defective 220V transformers”, “CE certification”, etc, etc) Delay after delay but no goods!
        After giving this matter to our American Attorneys, a judgment against debtor corporation, a lot of legal actions and a personal promise from Andy Ross to refund the money nothing happened.
        Andy Ross was never willing to refund the money and no assets were left (Sure!) Any Ross moved to several new addresses and/or was not tracable.
        He “sold” Krossroad, started new companies like Edgerton Technology, AR Acoustic (Lenexa), etc, etc.
        And you know what? This fucking CROOK is still enjoying life, and probably scam other people (or are we the only one?) and “ain’t running out of ammo”. Just pay your debts or is scamming people on the other side of the planet “the American Way” as an “American Rebel” to do business and to consider yourself an entrepreneur and cause a lot of damage to other people?

    2. What an awesome job you guy’s did on this car. It is by far my favorite. I stand firm on the second ammendment, and I thank Andy Ross for what he is doing for it as well. Thanks to all of you.

    3. I’m a California gun dealer and the state of CA is very close to taking the right to bear arms away from us. I am a 47 year old female mother of two and it scares me that the American people will forget how the amendment was fought for by our families and how many of them lost their lives for this right !

    4. It’s great to see American muscle being celebrated along with our freedom.Someone please send a message to Uncle Bammy this is the American way and we don’t any “changes”.

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