30 States Allow Handgun Open Carry Without Licenses, So Should Texas

OpenCarry.org joins Open Carry Texas to Urge Texas to Legalize the Open Carry of Handguns.

Open Carry
30 States Allow Handgun Open Carry Without Licenses, So Should Texas

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- OpenCarry.org is proud to announce joining Open Carry Texas in urging the Texas legislature to legalize unlicensed open carry of properly holstered handguns.

“After all, 45 states allow open carry of handguns,” states John Pierce, co-founder of OpenCarry.org, adding that “30 states require no license to open carry handguns on foot.” Meanwhile, Tennessee is about to join them, as its Senate just voted to legalize unlicensed open carry this month.

“Open carry ‘is’ the Second Amendment,” says CJ Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas, “as noted in the Supreme Court’s opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008).” *1 Moreover a recent FBI report essentially concludes that criminals don’t open carry handguns.” *2

John Pierce, co-founder and spokesperson, OpenCarry.org, [email protected], (276) 206-9615
C.J. Grisham, President & CEO of Open Carry Texas, [email protected], (254) 383-8238

*1 See https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/pdf/07-290P.ZO (“Likewise, in State v. Chandler, 5 La. Ann. 489, 490 (1850), the Louisiana Supreme Court held that citizens had a right to carry arms openly: “This is the right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, and which is calculated to incite men to a manly and noble defence of themselves, if necessary, and of their country, without any tendency to secret advantages and unmanly assassinations.”).

*2 https://www.forcesciencenews.com/home/detail.html?serial=62 (“Because they eschew holsters, offenders reported frequently touching a concealed gun with hands or arms ‘to assure themselves that it is still hidden, secure and accessible’’ and hasn’t shifted.”).

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Too bad the local PD did not understand the Constitution when the chief told the TV reporters that ‘no one will be able to be armed, we will take all the weapons’.

brian winters

In New jersey lucky us we have neither legal concealed or open carry. I theory we are a may issue state in practice we are a never issue state. 1200 legal civilian ccws including retired police.Yes I know we should voice our opinions and we do and roughly 45 of the 80 members of the state assembly come from districts where a large number of voters want no one to have guns.

Larry Cates

Couldn’t y’all find a picture with a gun that didn’t show a man’s ass for the article? Damn!

Aliel The Heretic

Nice. About time those 2 joined forces.