Bill Clinton Headlining Gun Control Event for Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly

By AWR Hawkins

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Headlining Gun Control Event for Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On April 23rd 2014 Bill Clinton will headline an event for Americans for Responsible Solutions – the gun control group founded by Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly.

The event is a fundraiser being held at the home of “real estate mogul Bill Rudin” in New York City.

According to Politico, Giffords “appeared with the Clinton family in recent weeks at a Clinton Global Initiative University community service event Arizona.”

Now Clinton is taking part in an event for Giffords’s gun control group, which supports the “expanded background checks that failed in the Senate last year.”

Clinton supports greater gun control but has also warned Democrats that supporting gun control could “[antagonize] people entrenched in the gun culture.”

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what he meant was…he warned Democrats that people who believe in self defense will not allow you to send enforcers to confiscate their arms.


The only reason he goes on these speaking engagements is not for the money,
it keeps him on the road away from Hilliary.


Screw the whole lot of effinassholes. Clinton’s ego simply won’t allow him to sit down and shut up. You’d think the $40-50K per speaking engagement he receives would keep him busy, but not too busy to further the liberal causes.


Just another reason why you DONT want more Clinton’s in the a White House!


Slick Willy has got a lot of nerve poking his nose where it doesn’t belong!! Besides being a confirmed liar and cheating sex molester, he was an ignorant idiot as president. Why don’t he take Hilliary and go live in china so he can screw them over there and leave America alone!!! What a bucket of maggot sh!t


Do you ever wonder why the anti-gun cabal mostly consists of Democrats? Just asking?

TSgt B

Screw that gun grabbing, dope smoking, draft dodging, bed hopping, child molesting, lying, cheating, impeached traitor.