Bloomberg’s New Campaign: More Gun Control Needed for Gun-Owning Parents

By AWR Hawkins

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Everytown Gun Control Scare Tactics
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On April 16th 2014 – the same day Michael Bloomberg told NBC's Today show that his gun control push “isn't gun control” – he released a new ad targeting parents who have kids in the home yet own guns.

The ad is an emotional appeal aimed at building support for new gun control restrictions on gun owners with kids in the home, specifically focused on having guns in the home locked up.

In the ad, a young girl and her brother play hide and seek. The girl hides in her parents' closet and finds a pistol that the parents kept in a box on the floor. She plays with the gun, turning it around in her hands and finally pulling back the hammer.

Just after she pulls back the hammer, her brother steps into the closet to find her, the screen goes dark, and a gunshot rings out.

The caption on the screen asks, “Will you stop this?” That is followed by another caption which says, “Scenes like this happen all the time. More than 2 million American kids live in homes with unsecured guns.”

The day before this ad was released Bloomberg told The New York Times, “I think having a gun at home when you have children is really dumb.”

On January 31 Breitbart News reported Centers for Disease Control numbers showing more children under the age of ten are unintentionally killed in fire- or water-related incidents than are killed in accidental gun deaths.

In fact, the number of children unintentionally killed in fire-related incidents was over seven times higher than the number of children killed in unintentional gun-related incidents. The number of children killed in unintentional drownings was sixteen times higher than the number of children killed unintentionally by guns.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s New Campaign: More Gun Control Needed for Gun-Owning Parents

    1. Mayor Bloomberg needs to stop worrying about how much sugar is in our sodas and how we protect our families. What he needs to do is to stop the horrible, unsanitary practice of ritual circumcision that he allowes in NYC, that sickens and kills our children

      The cause of death of the 2-week-old boy, who died at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn on Sept. 28, was Type 1 herpes, caused by “ritual circumcision with oral suction,” according to the medical examiner’s office. Bloomberg refused to get involved in Church vs. State affairs.

      The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, confirmed on Wednesday that the investigation was continuing, but declined to comment further.
      Published: March 7, 2012

    2. Banning weapons, passing more laws will not change anything.

      You can not legislate what is inside the mind of an individual, if he or she wants to harm others, you can not stop it by having a piece of paper with signatures on it.

      What about that lady who drove the vehicle into the ocean off the beach in Florida, should we have background checks for soccer moms ?

    3. I agree with him 100%, that is why I have over two dozen lawfully owned firearms in my safe and in the home and I have two daughters and a wife.

      Bloomberg told The New York Times,

      “I think having a gun at home when you have children is really dumb.”

    4. There are ways to counter this, one person at a time. I recently completed some work for this company, and I took the pay and bought everything I needed for my AR-15!

    5. Wonder if Bloomy realized that if he got his wish in the civil war/revolution that would follow, he would be toast? Same for every politician and so called journalists with a hard on against the second amendment. The cultural marxists get their wish?And its open season on them… They trully are stupid beyond words.

    6. Bloomberg is most definitely dumb, it is amazing that someone with his stupidity could become a multi billionaire. after the FT Hood shooting incident he made the statement that at the age of 19 he was not responsible enough to own a gun. So I guess all are military 19 and under should not have any guns, how could they do their job otherwise, that’s real stupidity. If parents would teach their kids proper gun safety at an early age those tragic deaths could be avoided. I was hunting at the age of 4 with my father and was allowed to hunt on my own with a 12 ga shotgun at the ripe old age of 8 because I had Benn taught proper gun safety by my father when very young. if he wants to pass a law about gun control it should be that all children be taught gun safety by the end of second grade, that would stop 99% of all child related death from guns. We need laws that actually accomplish something responsible and practically. Bloomberg is a IDIOT with more money than brains.

    7. Every time I see or here this guys name, it’s all I can do to contain the vomit I feel coming up inside of me! Get a life Bloomberg, and stop trying to rule everyone else’s!!

    8. Just another overly rich person who wants to impose his social and political views. How much real good could he do with 50 million. Help, maybe abused children, homeless, disabled vets, help cure diseases. I’m sure this will get him into heaven without an interview.

    9. Well, Lil’ Mikey, you shouldn’t have guns, or armed guards, in YOUR home, due to your infantile frame of mind.

      Oh, and by the way, GFYS.

    10. Please remember that the British attempted “gun control” and we all know how that turned out.
      Any child’s death is tragic and should be avoided if possible.
      “Mother” Bloomberg must have many better things to do with his money other than try to tell people how to live their lives

    11. Instead of lobbying for laws that would punish criminals who leave weapons unsecured in a home with children, Bloomberg wants everyone’s kids vulnerable.

      What should stop is the leftist agenda that this is a widespread problem. Certainly any child’s death is tragic, but how is this any more tragic than, say the man in San Jose, CA who recently forgot his toddler son in the back of his car all day? How is it any more tragic than a child who plays hide & seek in grandpa’s unused ice chest in the garage and suffocates?

    12. Having a gun when you really need it trumps everything. Statistically the cops usually show up when everything is over.

    13. “I think having a gun at home when you have children is really dumb.”

      I think trying to get government to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms which you know they’re not allowed to do is really dumb. Having a gun to protect your children in real-time rather than wait ten minutes to an hour and a half for someone else with a gun is pretty durn smart, actually. YOU’RE dumb.

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