Timber Elk Decoy – After a Sell Out Season The Butt is Back

Elk Mountain Timber Elk Decoy Slipcovers
Elk Mountain Timber Elk Decoy Slipcovers
Elk Mountain Gear
Elk Mountain Gear

Shasta Lake, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- We finally received a new shipment of the Elk Mountain Timber Elk Decoy Slipcovers. This has been our number one selling decoy since 2010 (we sold out last Season).

The Timber Elk (Butt) Decoy has several advantages:

  • 1. Visible for long distances through lanes in timber, brush, etc.
  • 2. Can be used to simulate both a bull and/ or cow in elk encounters
  • 3. Keeps a bulls focus, creating shot opportunities
  • 4. Concealment for two hunters if necessary (life size photo-realistic image)
  • 5. Convex shape gives a “3D” appearance, more approachable from extreme angles than a flat 2D Decoy
  • 6. Available Online: https://tiny.cc/43f2dx

“Personally, I have had elk literally within feet of this decoy in timber, with two bowhunters crouched behind it.”

The SLIP System is the only blind/decoy System that easily breaks down into a lightweight carbon fiber trekking pole, and can also be used as a treestand umbrella, shelter, windbreak, and much more. Innovative stretch poly slipcovers allow the user to change the frontal presentation to any of 21 available camo or decoy patterns.

Be sure to pick up your SLIP System with Timber Elk Slipcover while quantities last, and I wish all of you a great 2014 Season!

Best Wishes,

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About Elk Mountain Inc:
Elk Mountain Incorporated was formed in 2007 by 2 avid bowhunters, Cory Gabrielson, and Jeff Ervin. After 15 years of hunting together in a “run and gun” fashion, the Elk Mountain Slip System was born, designed to provide a means for hunters that put a lot of miles on their legs to increase their odds in the field, without carrying a lot of extra weight.

Elk Mountain products are designed by serious outdoorsmen, with people like you in mind. We know you are willing to go that extra mile to get the shot, and we are here to help make it happen. No matter what terrain you traverse, or game you pursue, Elk Mountain has a solution to help you achieve success. Visit:www.elkmtngear.com