Enjoy Wildlife Areas in New Mexico, But Remember Permit

New Mexico Game & Fish
New Mexico Game & Fish

Silver City, NM. -(Ammoland.com)– The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish wants to remind visitors to purchase the required licenses and permits before visiting Wildlife Management Areas owned by the State Game Commission.

Officers will be educating the public about the requirements and issuing misdemeanor citations for noncompliance.

Anyone 18 years of age and older accessing Wildlife Management Areas are required to have a valid hunting or fishing license or a Gaining Access into Nature permit and a $4 Habitat Management and Access Validation stamp.

The department urges visitors to purchase their licenses and permits before their trip.

Licenses and permits can be purchased online at the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website, by phone at (888) 248-6866, at all department offices or at license vendors.

Commission-owned properties, such as Bear Canyon, Bill Evans Lake, Heart Bar, Lake Roberts and the Pecos Canyon properties, allow wildlife a safe place during crucial breeding and wintering times.They also give visitors the opportunity to access some of the most beautiful and wild places in New Mexico. Visitors to these areas must abide by all restrictions and posted notices.

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    1. There is a legitament cost to providing emergency rescue to wilderness areas. These costs have generally been shouldered by everyone using wilderness areas with some general taxation to cover those who just head out to the lake once in awhile. And then there is a cost to providing access to wilderness areas for people who expect a guided tour and a “safe” fun zone or going to the lake or river every memorial day. But those people enter by a gate, go to a controlled camping area and pay a fee to camp and use the lake area in addition to their States taxes which help cover the cost of emergency help and rescue. So it’s hard to fault the people of New Mexico for the access permits.

      The one thing I hope is not happening is the “fee” to “gaining access” is a Federal requirement by the BLM to control the States use and in turn the peoples access to their States’ public lands. That smells of the policy of Agenda 21, sworn to remove all private ownership and industry from land and give it to govt for sole control. Something that has fueled the Nevada public lands dispute.

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