Feinstein’s Recruits Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda

Senator Franken Feinstein
Feinstein’s Recruits Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda

BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- Senator Feinstein’s semi-automatic firearms importation ban is picking up steam. Since she sent her letter to Obama calling for the importation ban, 82 anti-gun members of the House of Representatives have signed off on their own letter demanding for an importation ban.

Feinstein and her posse were responsible for the ant-gun movement in Congress for the first half of 2013. It is imperative we thwart the efforts of Feinstein and the anti-gunners she has recruited in the latest effort to push her personal agenda.

We must flood all of Congress with faxes demanding they ignore Feinstein’s push for new anti-gun legislation. If you donate to send faxes to the House of Senate you will receive two of our latest, “HANDS OFF MY GUNS”, sticker.

The Washington Times reported on the letter that 82 members of the House sent to Obama asking for new anti-gun legislation:

“The letter asks that the administration ban the import of high-capacity weapons, as well the frame or receiver of military-style weapons and the practice of importing the guns in parts and then assembling them in the country, among other items.”

The Representative’s new letter to Obama reflect Feinstein’s recent letter to Obama pushing the same agenda. Below are the disturbing highlights of Feinstein’s letter to Obama:

“We urge ATF to close the loopholes that allow the importation of military-style weapons into the United States. Such an approach should, at a minimum:

  • Prohibit importation of all semiautomatic rifles that can accept, or be readily converted to accept, a large capacity ammunition magazine of more than 10 rounds, regardless of the military pedigree of the firearm or the configuration of the firearm’s magazine well;
  • Prohibit semiautomatic rifles with fixed magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
  • Prohibit the importation of the frame or receiver of any prohibited rifle, regardless of whether it is incorporated into a fully manufactured firearm;
  • Prohibit the practice of importing assault rifles in parts and then constructing the rifles once they are in the United States by adding the requisite number of American-made parts;
  • Prohibit the use of a “thumbhole” stock as a means to avoid classification of a rifle as an assault rifle; and
  • Prohibit the importation of assault pistols, in addition to assault rifles.”

Feinstein is on record saying if she could take away every American’s firearms, she would! Do not believe she is pushing for anti-gun legislation for any reason other than keeping firearms out of the hands of Americans. If she cared about stopping gun violence she would be focusing on the criminals that are committing violent crimes.

Here is another puzzling “fact” from Feinstein’s letter:

According to a memorandum by the Council on Foreign Relations published in July 2013, over 70% of the 99,000 weapons recovered by Mexican law enforcement since 2007 were traced to U.S. manufacturers and importers.

I wonder how many of these recovered firearms in Mexico were given to criminals by ATF themselves in the Fast and Furious debacle?

Too bad she did not mention that in the letter. It is almost certain that 100% of the weapons traced to U.S manufacturers and importers were illegal firearms. Why does she not concentrate on stopping criminals from possessing illegal firearms instead of stopping law abiding citizens from obtaining legal firearms?

Since the re-election of Obama there has been constant pressure and threats toward our Second Amendment. The only way to counteract these threats is for Law Abiding gun owners to stand up against them. We must demand members of Congress side with the American people and protect our gun rights. We voted them in office, they work for us, and they need to protect the rights of our United States’ law abiding citizens.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
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What scares me isn’t her, it’s the people who voted for her. California gets the reward for dumbest female’s ever elected to office. (Pelosi, Waters, Boxer, Fienstien)

john Carr

The voters need to send that prune faced btch back home to stay. Oh, BTW she could drop off Harry Reid along the way along with Boxer and Pelosi.


If you have noticed, most of congress and the president have gone silent on gun issues. Only the biggest mad dog gun grabber continue to talk about it. That is because this is an election year and they are going and betting that you have forgotten the hell they gave us the past 2 yrs. They will all be back the day they win re-election. Don’t forget who they were and are. They won’t forget your guns after be ballot boxes close.

terry kinney

Hope she goes to bloombergs “heaven”. SOON!

terry kinney

Official definition of khrunt: Diane feind stein. Peice of ferrel cat shit!


America has come “full circle”. We’ve gone from a group of colonies being ruled by a royal dynasty to a group of states being ruled by a party dynasty.


She’s a CommieCRat for sure…For others go to: