Founding Fathers Made Sure Bundy Family Was Armed

By AWR Hawkins

Cliven Bundy
Cliven Bundy
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Washington DC – -(  As tensions rose and a standoff ensued between Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents and Cliven Bundy and his family on April 11th and 12th 2014, one thing was evident: through the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers guaranteed that Bundy could be armed to protect his life and property.

KLAS-TV described a meeting between armed federal agents and armed Bundy family members during one of the highest points of tension.

No guns were misused nor were any used offensively. However, guns were present because of our Founding Fathers' forethought.

We do not have guns for the purposes of sporting or hunting–although guns are certainly fine tools for those activites. We have them, rather, because our Founding Fathers recognized a God-given right to keep and bear arms to protect our lives, families, and property. This right is not simply to provide protection from burglary or life-threatening attacks, but from tyranny as well–tyranny within or without our borders.

Whether tyranny was in practice in Nevada last week is something the facts will have to sort out. However, Bundy and his family were clearly able to stand on nearer-to-equal footing when faced with a myriad of armed agents because the ranchers were armed, as well.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Founding Fathers Made Sure Bundy Family Was Armed

    1. The government and cops are trying to put their own spin on things, but these guys stood them up. The only reason these citizens were not shot down was they had more people and firepower than the government. Had they shown weakness the government would have turned it into another Waco.

    2. this was about States Rights, No-where in the Constitution does it give the FEDS authority to own property and charge excessive fees. with that said, i ask…why did they carry the U.S flag instead of the Nevada State flag?

    3. You didn’t read what he said, but only what the Neu yoik times wrote. As usual they distorted and took out of context what he said. If you can read, try reading it yourself and see what you think. the newspaper is the most distorted way of lookin’ at anything, it seems.

    4. And the First Amendment guaranteed that Cliven Bundy could spout his vile, racist claptrap. It’s a two-edged sword, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    5. The flip side of arming the people is disarming the govt. We won’t be safe while the govt has the power to oppress. The idea behind militias is that the people are their own enforcers. The conversation has to move to shutting down the BLM, FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, & the rest of the alphabet soup that we’re gagging on.

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