Not So Rimfire Anymore: 17 WSM AR-15 Given Dramatic Upgrade

Quality AR style rifle producer Franklin Armory announcing a quality upgrade to their upcoming AR chambered in 17 WSM.

Franklin Armory F 17-L in .17 Winchester Super Magnum
Franklin Armory F 17-L in .17 Winchester Super Magnum
Franklin Armory
Franklin Armory

MORGAN HILL, Calif. –-(  Franklin Armory, maker of quality AR style firearms, announced today that their F 17-L chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum will now include a piston system.

Franklin Armory first introduced the F 17-L as the world’s first direct impingement rimfire rifle chambered in .17 WSM at SHOW 2014. The reception of the rifle was positive with a lot of interest especially from varmint hunters and individuals from California where this firearm would negate the need of a “Bullet Button.

“While the piston system does add cost to the project, the tradeoff is very little powder residue in the action and substantially longer periods between cleanings. Given that some varmint hunters might blow through 500 rounds in an afternoon, we believe that our targeted audience will appreciate the upgrade,” said Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory.

Franklin Armory’s craftsmanship sets it apart from other companies who mass produce their firearms.

“First off, no one else is building an AR15 in 17 WSM. Second, we went from having the first gas powered rimfire in the world, to now having the world’s first gas-piston rimfire rifle. Our design team has produced a lot of unique weapons over the years, and this would be a prime example of our team’s creative prowess and nimble responsiveness,” said Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory.

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About Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory is part of a California corporation that has been in operation for over 20 years. We specialize in producing legal firearms for restrictive jurisdictions such as California. We also build full feature firearms for “free” states. Either way, every firearm produced at our facility in Morgan Hill, California is made with 100% American made parts & materials.

Franklin Armory F 17-L in .17 Winchester Super Magnum
Franklin Armory F 17-L in .17 Winchester Super Magnum
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Kevin Oerther

I have a CZ 452 American in 17 HMR. This cartridge is not all that impressive on ground hogs much past 100 yards but it is a fun gun to play with. On the other hand, the 17 WSM seems to be a far better round. Since I have a Colt 6920 that I have built from a stripped down version I would be interested in the Franklin 17 WSM upper but have held out for someone to bring forth the 17 Hornet center fire in the AR platform, perhaps 17 Fireball or 221 Fireball. Gun politics makes me less… Read more »


I bought the 17 WSM upper and matched it to my DPMS lower which has a Rock River trigger. I had to change out the dampener and I put Vortex glass on it. After fine tuning and treating the bolt carrier group and barrel I shot it of a bench and sand bags. I shot six three shot groups measuring just over 1/2 in at 200 yds. I have since killed 12 coyotes out to two hundred and fifty yards with one shot in the chest. I have shot hundreds of prairie dogs this season shooting over five hundred rounds… Read more »

joe m.

Franklin is FIRST. I have the 17-L. Wow what fun. A great cartridge, a Great gun gives a guy a lot of fun. You can expect sub minute of angle groups at 100 yds. This gun just does not get dirty, I love the piston short throw action. The trigger is better than I expected. Varmints beware. I am looking forward to many years of shooting bliss with my 17 Franklin.


Less than the Volquartsen blow back model that they have been testing, (but not shipping), for something like a year now.

Michael Vague

what is the price for the F17-L .17 WSM ?

Thank you


j aimer bien avoir un f 17 l ar15