Has the BLM Brought Snipers to the Bundy Ranch this & More Questions ~ Video

By Rob Morse

Bundy Ranch Riots
Bundy Ranch Riots
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(Ammoland.com)-  The Bundy family has been on this land for over a hundred years.

The feds want it, and the feds don’t want to wait for the courts to decide who has the rights to it.  Why are the feds in a hurry?

Rumors suggest it is an insider deal for drilling rights.  Even then, I don’t understand why the feds went to guns rather than have some private firms negotiate for drilling rights.

Are the corrupt politicians that greedy?  Why are the feds threatening civilians at all!?  Why are any weapons, tazers or night sticks needed at the Bundy ranch?I’ve heard rumors of government snipers on scene, but I can’t confirm that.  Drop me a message if you can.

Why is deadly force justified and why is the display of deadly force not a crime?  You or I would be immediately arrested, jailed and prosecuted for these actions.

Because they can.  The government does not fear the citizens.  50 law enforcement officers were shot and killed last year.  That is a tragedy.  I’m hunting for documentation on how many times police killed innocent citizens.  Those are crimes!  Note that just because it is later called “justified” does not mean the police didn’t shoot the wrong person or had no reason to shoot anyone.

I remember that the feds murdered more children at Waco (and got away with it) than were murdered at the Sandy Hook school.  I don’t excuse their “justified” murders.  Honoring the ideals of this country and saluting the flag demands that I condemn government abuse rather than excuse it.

I’m taught that I am responsible for every action I take.  Citizens would be far safer if EVERY government shooting was fully prosecuted!  More innocent civilians would be alive if EVERY government shooting was fully prosecuted!  No freebies in the line of duty.

I know officers who live up to that obligation.  They place higher standards on themselves than are required by our laws.  Bless them.

So who will threaten civilians for the government if the officers are then identified and prosecuted?  That, sir, is a damn good question.  Maybe no one, and that is the point.  Don’t threaten civilians with firearms if you can’t get someone to assume the responsibility of their actions.

I become more libertarian the more I learn about the reality of government.


About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, www.gunrightsmagazine.com/contributors/rob-morse/ and writes the SlowFacts blog. www.slowfacts.wordpress.com . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

  • 21 thoughts on “Has the BLM Brought Snipers to the Bundy Ranch this & More Questions ~ Video

    1. @Jameson Parker:

      Isn’t Revisionist History FUN ?

      My first experience was a college professor that re-phrased the Second Amendment to say you had to be IN the “Militia” to have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      I actually laughed at him.

      The “Militia” in the Second Amendment doesn’t refer to a Standing Army, it refers to a Citizen volunteer force like the Minutemen.

      Sure, they got together and trained, but you didn’t have to be IN the Militia to own a gun.

      The whole point was maintaining the SKILLS. And shooting a Rifle in 1789 was all about skill, they barely had any rifles with cartridges by then and definitely didn’t have “repeaters”.

      The Second Amendment actually has a lot in common with British Common Law requiring that “Yoemen” train with the Welsh Longbow in case Britain had to go to war.

      But YOUR version of Revisionist History makes that college professor look like a piker.

      Your LUNACY is that there’s no such thing as “Federal Land” ?

      Gee, I wonder WHAT Teddy Roosevelt was thinking !

      How can you have Federal Parks to preserve Federal Land if the Government can’t OWN land?

      I don’t know where you got this imbecilic idea.

      Sometimes people that like to play hoaxes create bizarre theories like this and throw them out just to confuse the easily puzzled among us.

      Yes, the Federal Government does in fact own land.

      Yes, the Federal Government does in fact own the Golden Butte Range.

      No, Cliven Bundy doesn’t have any right to use the Golden Butte Range for grazing.

      His family DID pay grazing fees on that land until HE decided he wasn’t going to.

      It’s analogous to deciding you won’t pay your Federal Taxes because you don’t believe in the Income Tax.

      Kind of stupid.

      So the Government patiently took him to Court, and they won. He refused to obey the law, and they took him to Court again.

      By now, he’s got Millions in missed grazing fees, and Court costs are adding up.

      But he’s raised ten generations of Cattle since this all started and made millions of dollars doing so.

      Do the math, or as you said “follow the money”.

      A fully weaned calf at 600 pounds goes for almost a thousand bucks.

      A fully grown steer … that’s MONEY.

      And he’s raising a thousand head.

      He sells his stock when they get big enough, pays NOTHING for grazing rights, and pockets the money.

      I suspect the IRS will be checking to see if he pays his taxes on that profit.

      I wonder if he does, given the hissy fit he raised over paying Grazing Fees that are only $1 per year per acre.

      “never mind that tortoise and cattle have co-existed on desert land ever since cattle were first introduced to North America.”

      If by co-exist, you mean ‘slowly go extinct’.

      The Desert Tortoise is officially “Threatened” on the Endangered Species list.

      They have a little difficulty surviving with cattle eating all the grass and slurping up all the water.

      The Golden Butte desert is so dry, it takes a full acre to sustain one steer.

      And what the steers eat, drink or trample leaves less for the Tortoise to live on.

      The effort to protect endangered species is considered important by many Americans and it’s worth putting aside “preserves” where the wilderness can be maintained as it was before the European colonists showed up.

      @Publius : “So its now known that Senator Harry Reid and his son and other cohorts were using the BLM to force people off the land to more or less to sell it to a company thats wholly owned by the communist Chinese government.”

      No. It’s now known that the Solar Power Plant thing is a hoax.

      The deal fell through last June.

      And that was for PRIVATE land outside Laughlin, Nevada. That’s 180 miles from Golden Butte.

      The Chinese investors backed out last Spring when they couldn’t get an ironclad contract to sell the electricity.

      So you see… there’s no power plant deal. And therefore, the whole story was FAKED.

    2. Simon- many here agree with you dude- the spirit is growing-
      what you are saying is a blanket statement- but I understand why you’re pissed brother. Peace.

    3. Quote from above- “I remember that the feds murdered more children at Waco (and got away with it) than were murdered at the Sandy Hook school”.
      I believe they did Sandy Hook also.

    4. Oh, you, Americans!

      You sit back and allow your Feds to attack and slaughter other Peoples, including your own Allies, in culture and religion, willingly woring with you and for you, such as Panama in C. America. You let it happen without a peep.

      What did you expect? That your Feds were going to stop there?

      You didn’t think that eventually, when the Feds ran out of “enemies” and just because they could, the Feds were going to turn on you?

      Every country in Europe from the UK to Greece is protesting their gov. screwing them, you’re the last ones.

      And the majority of you, still haven’t waken, you’re sitting ducks, and easy pickings.

      Go back to sleep. Go back to your sports, and ipods and textings!

    5. I do not support Bundy. He does not have indefinite “rights” to use the public land for personal gain and profit. He’s stealing the use of the land for personal gain and not paying for any of it. All you “patriots” fucked up. You do not have the moral high ground here and never did. You “think” you won this “battle” but there was no fight. You’re a bunch of disorganized idiots. They will now crack down on all you fools and you will have lost the war that you “think” you fought. You’re fucking idiots, can’t tell what is right and what is wrong.

    6. Thomas Jefferson sais “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

      Tyranny in government was institutionalized when DHS was created and now it seem like every agency in the federal government under Emperor Barry is heavily armed and has free riegn to use deadly force as it wishes in pursuit of continued big government and control of its citizens. In the long-run, this cannot end well.

    7. So its now known that Senator Harry Reid and his son and other cohorts were using the BLM to force people off the land to more or less to sell it to a company thats wholly owned by the communist Chinese government.
      They made backdoor deals and are willing to use what ever force is needed.
      These are acts of Treason committed against the people of his own state and the all the ranchers that had this done to them can collectively testify and file charges in their state and without question expect to get a Grand Jury Indictment on everyone involved.

    8. You sleazy low life Federal Agents aren’t so damn mean and tough when the persons your terrorizing have a loaded weapon ready to draw down on you and blow your stupid brains out.

      HEEL, you little dog, or DIE.

    9. Bundy has no more right to this land than anyone else in the United States. The right wingers always think that laws apply to everyone else but themselves. He probably will end up bankrupt with his ranch and property confiscated and, if so, it serves him right. Then, when the government turns the land into low income housing he can be given an apartment there.

    10. Now we know why DHS was purchasing millions and millions rounds of hollow point ammo.

      Just glad these law enforcement members kept their cool and fingers off the triggers.

      No reason to use a taser on law abiding citizens.

    11. God bless you Rob , for talking about this story. This war for our Republic / country has been going on for a long time , it will come down to states rights VS Fed overreach and not about Turtles or grazing rights. Maybe just maybe” We the people will educate themselves before its too late.. Keep up the good fight..

    12. Let Them Eat Tortoise.

      The standoff in Nevada between rancher Cliven Bundy and the United States government is being represented by some portions of the mainstream press as being about a stubborn rancher’s refusal to pay grazing fees to the federal government on “federal land.”
      Even on conservative Fox News that was the stated cause of the current standoff, Fox News being evidently as unaware as the more liberal press that this has absolutely nothing to do with “federal land.” For one thing, there is no such thing as “federal land.” Article I, Section Eight of the United States Constitution says: “[The Congress shall have the power to] Exercise exclusive legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings…” That’s it. The federal government is allowed to own the District of Columbia and the land necessary for military use, and nothing else. All the rest that the feds and others like to call “federal land” is actually your land. My land. Our land. The feds may administer it, but they most emphatically do not own it.
      Other more liberal news organizations have attempted to make it seem as if this is about environmental issues, specifically a desert tortoise, trying to portray the tortoise and cattle as adversaries, never mind that tortoise and cattle have co-existed on desert land ever since cattle were first introduced to North America. Besides, Nevada’s Democratic Senator, Harry Reid, has apparently already moved the boundaries of the protected desert tortoise land to allow some of that land to be developed by one of his cronies, so it can’t be about the tortoise.
      More recent news reports claim Senator Reid and his son, Rory Reid (already embroiled in a campaign contribution scandal), want the land for a Chinese energy firm represented by Reid, Jr. that plans to put up solar panels, and that that is why the Senator made his former Senior Policy Advisor in charge of public land issues, Neil Kornze, the head of the Bureau of Land Management. And that may very well be part of the reason why Mr. Bundy is being driven off his land.
      But if you watch the news, you will see aerial shots of Mr. Bundy’s ranchland with cattle grazing near a stream, and the old Watergate adage of “follow the money” is applicable here, because in the American West, “follow the money” and “follow the water” are the same thing. Water is gold in the American West, and whoever owns the water rights is—or will be once the water is diverted from cattle to golf courses in Las Vegas and Los Angeles—very, very rich. And taking ranchers’ land away from them on thin or non-existent pretexts to get their water is nothing new.
      For those of you unfamiliar with land ownership and water rights in the American West, there is a concept here called the “split estate” which makes land ownership very interesting. If you buy a big tract of land, you get just that, a bunch of soil, but the water rights and grazing rights are separate properties that may be purchased or sold by themselves, as are the mining rights, timber rights, oil and gas rights, wildlife rights, easement rights, development rights, trespass rights, and possibly other rights that I’m not aware of. If you take the concept of the “split estate” to its illogical extreme, it is theoretically possible for you to own a piece of land in the West with which you can’t do a single damn thing except pay taxes and boast.
      Of course, if you own the land and the water rights near Las Vegas, you can make a fortune putting up houses, solar panels, and selling water to drought-stricken cities. It’s a very lucrative win-win for somebody.
      Update: As of this morning, the Federal Aviation Administration has declared a “no-fly zone” over the area around the Bundy ranch, effectively preventing news helicopters from obtaining footage. One wonders what they’re afraid the American public might see. Other than the water.

    13. Remember what he said. “We need a force just as big, just as strong” When are we going to open our eyes. He needs to go in a Big Way too!

    14. Message to the FedGov: (quoting Tom Clancy in “Teeth of the Tiger”)


      Let ’em deploy their “snipers”. There are many military veterans with similar, or superior, skills. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE, TYRANTS.

    15. A casual observer might conclude this confrontation will result in physical juncture. Is there a ridge nearby with a name the media can use as this unfolds?

    16. We need web cams erected there with live internet feeds so the world can watch this unfold. We need to see the actions of the BLM.

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