Law Enforcement Association Urging Sheriffs Not to Enforce Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

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Law Enforcement Association Urging Sheriffs Not to Enforce Gun Control
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association (CSPOA) president Richard Mack is calling on Vermont Sheriffs to refuse to enforce new gun control measures passed earlier in the month.

The new measures ban the carrying of concealed handguns in bars and restaurants, “[require] gun owners to keep guns locked up at home, [and authorize] police to confiscate guns during domestic disputes.”

According to Fox News, CSPOA president Mack said:

It's astonishing that people are so cavalier about violating the Second Amendment. Burlington City Council sounds like they are just following the trend to do things that are unconstitutional and go around sheriffs, and go around the laws, or subvert the laws, or disobey the laws.

Mack added: “We're seeing sheriffs in New York oppose the SAFE Act and Gov. Cuomo. If we have sheriffs in New York doing this, how much more should we have sheriffs doing it in Vermont?”

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  • 4 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Association Urging Sheriffs Not to Enforce Gun Control

    1. I’m still shocked hearing that this great 2A state like VT has finally caved to some ‘progressives’ in Burlington. A free carry state, has been since the 1st revolution has now been over-run by New England liberals. They may have bitten off more than they can chew this time tho. Estimated: 85% of homes in VT have at least one gun in the house. Overall, the State Police and Sheriffs have been pretty good, and enforced the laws. But now – – – Who knows?

    2. Identify the CommieCRats who are up for re-election…Join with others in your precinct by electing those canidates who are pro-gun…This anti-gun madness has to stop or it likely will get out of hand with the police being involved in a shoot out with one of more citizens of which said anti-gun laws have just turned these same law abiding citizen into felons…These anti-gun laws and their CommieCRat spporters are America’s worst nightmare come true…Shades of Nazified Germany and Stalinist Russia where millions of innocent citizens were slaughter by unconscienceable horrific laws…Anti-gun laws being one of them!

    3. We The People must give full support to all Sheriffs that will uphold The Constitution and oppose these illegal and treasonist laws!!

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