Maryland Shall Issue 2014 Legislative Recap

Maryland Shall Issue
Maryland Shall Issue

Maryland ––( Annapolis Recap : Session 2014 is over. This was a relatively uneventful year for 2nd Amendment Rights.

We are happy to report that 2 bills are on their way to be signed into law. SB966 expands hunters rights and education in Calvert, Saint Mary's and Charles counties.

SB231 provides hunters with the right to open carry a handgun while hunting. No bills advanced to further restrict 2A rights, but no bills other than the above 2 advanced to restore or expand 2A rights.

Make no mistake, this is a temporary reprieve. The agenda for 2015 has been set in the democratic gubernatorial debates where both Anthony Brown and Heather Meizur argued in favor of drastic restrictions on hunting firearms such as shotguns. These restrictions include extending the 7 day waiting period and raising the purchase age to 21. It is not much of a stretch to expect to see other bills from this session reintroduced, once legislatures are safely in office for another 4 years. Fortunately, we have an election coming up.

Election 2014: All Hands on Deck
Election 2014 is here. The Maryland primary, which occurs on June 24th 2014, is less than 90 days away. Some of our best opportunities to remove incumbents who voted against 2nd amendment civil rights will be in the primaries. This is the time to think about the rights we have lost in SB281 and mobilize.

There are plenty of opportunities to influence the election. With our individual votes, we can embrace the DINO movement. Remember, even if one Democrat replaces another, the incumbent who voted for SB281 still lost their job. We know that MSI members aren't content to just vote though, and there are a number of opportunities for engagement. Campaigns are always looking for people to go door to door in vulnerable districts and talk to voters. There are opportunities to visit gun shops and target ranges and raise awareness. There are plenty of opportunities for creating media mailings and other promotional material.

Visit the 2014 Election section of the Maryland Shall Issue forums at

SB281 Lawsuit Moves Forward
On March 17, pro-2A groups filed a motion for Summary Judgement in the case of Kolbe v. Omalley, which seeks to overturn SB281's ban on modern sporting rifles. The motion contains sworn depositions from Daniel Webster and other anti-2A personalities. A challenge on the HQL will be advanced separately.

Both depositions may appear short due to court redacting.

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Mission Statement: Maryland Shall Issue is an all volunteer, non-partisan effort dedicated to the preservation and advancement of all gunowners' rights in Maryland, with a primary goal of CCW reform to allow all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon; and to the education of the community to the awareness that ‘shall issue' laws have, in all cases, resulted in decreased rates of violent crime. Visit:

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