New CA Gun Bill: Gun Manufacturers Must Pay DOJ to Be Allowed Back on CA Roster

By AWR Hawkins

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Washington DC – -(  California gun control bill SB 916 contains a requirement that manufacturers of guns that have fallen off California's “roster of handguns that have been determined not to be unsafe” pay a fee to the CA Department of Justice in order to be added to the list again.

Currently, if a gun falls off the roster the manufacturer addresses whatever changes are needed and petitions the state Attorney General “for reinstatement and successful retesting.”

According to, SB 916 changes the law by putting forth these requirements, among others:

1. The manufacturer petitions the Attorney General for reinstatement of the handgun

2. The manufacturer pays the Department of Justice for all the costs of the reinstatement…

3. The three handgun samples shall only be tested once for reinstatement. If the samples fail it may not be retested.

4. The manufacturer shall provide the Attorney General with the complete testing history for the handgun model.

SB 916 also leaves open the option that that Attorney General may be able to randomly test any gun that has already been reinstated to the roster – seemingly to give that pistol one more opportunity to malfunction or fail to meet reinstatement requirements.

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  • 10 thoughts on “New CA Gun Bill: Gun Manufacturers Must Pay DOJ to Be Allowed Back on CA Roster

    1. My knee-jerk reaction is for the gun manufacturers to just walk out of California. Upon second thought, CA has a huge population, therefore much purchasing power. Perhaps the manufacturers can make a special handgun for California, marketed only there. The people need some way to protect themselves.
      It is sad to see politics controlling the people rather than working for the people!

    2. As a California gun store owner I can only agree with your comments. With all but a few handguns taken off the list by spring, most of the independent gun stores in CA will go out of business. Results will be millions in lost taxes and thousands more put out of work. Plus the number of gun enthusiasts vacating the state. How will the poor illegals and welfare family’s get by without that money?

    3. How is the “Not Unsafe Gun List” not a violation of the 2nd, and 14th, Amendments?
      And don’t even get me started on Interstate Commerce violations in the pre-notification to DoJ for shipment of firearms from out-of-state to in-state dealers.

    4. Giving this AG that power is equal to giving it to Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot etc. The state is full of Fruits, Nuts and Flakes. There are more people on welfare than those working wherein lies the problem. Like the DEMOCRATS say “Keep them on welfare and they will vote for us”. Kalifornia used to be a nice place but now it is like any other communist country. Caca del Toro. That is BS for those from Union controlled schools.

    5. What a fracking joke! Foolish laws made by foolish politicians, elected by foolish California voters. Ya gets what you gets if you dont recall these fools or vote them in the first place.

      Thankfully even the gun makers are saying enough! If the people won’t stand up for their own rights, why the heck should the gun makers?

      Enough having someone else fighting for gun rights when you sit back and do nothing. Untill you Californians start coming together to fight I have no feeling for you. At least New York gun owners are fighting and refusing to regester there AR’s.

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