New Hampshire 9/12 Project Leader, Jerry DeLemus Shines At Bundy Ranch

Stewart Rhodes interviewed Jerry DeLemus of New Hampshire.

Jerry DeLemus
Jerry DeLemus
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

Las Vegas, NV – -( Jerry is the leader of a large 9/12 Project group in New Hampshire, in fact his is the largest 9/12 Project group in the State.

What Beck inspired in Jerry years ago is still alive and well in Jerry now, as Jerry made his way from New Hampshire to Bunkerville, Nevada to stand for Cliven Bundy's rights, States rights, and all Americans' rights.

Jerry DeLemus is a U.S. Marine Veteran with a great clear mind and an enviable conscience. He is the sort of man whom Glenn Beck would want to run a 9/12 Project group.  So that is where an irony comes into play. Stewart Rhodes told me I could play with this one a bit, so please indulge me a bit of reflective Beck-bashing.

I have been observing Glenn Beck for a goodly number of years, beginning with seven years of his radio show at my place of work five days per week. I've watched him weave and wriggle, waver and wrangle in his fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. I witnessed in horror as he trashed Ron Paul pitifully, over and over again when America most needed Ron Paul's presence. Glenn came back around later and lamented that he was wrong to do that to Ron Paul, but of course the damage had been done and millions of Americans did not vote for Ron because Glenn had told them that Ron was “un-electable”.

Over the years I've watched Glenn Beck be “wrong” many times. But in recent times I've noticed that Glenn is learning. He is slow, to be sure, and has shown that he is not really “there” yet by his treatment of the Bundy family's fight with the Feds. But Glenn is moving toward the true spirit of our Founders. And while that is good, it also leaves the window open through which might fly yet another damaging “wrong” from Glenn's corner of the ring. This Bundy Ranch thing. Beck is wrong, again, about that. But he's listening better than he used to and maybe before long he'll become as wise about the planks in his own platform as his people across the land are. Jerry is our example.

Enjoy an inspiring video by a real patriot who with high excellence contradicts Glenn's perception of the Bundy v BLM stand-off. The irony there is almost as keen as the inspiration this gentleman shared with Stewart down at the Bundy Ranch.

-Glenn Beck, Son! If you would just ask, we'd help you keep up to speed on this business of saving America.  First rule of life is: Centralized power in government is bad, cannot be good, and bites the hand of all who empowered it.  That is why our Founders did not require in the Constitution that we natural-born citizens swear an Oath to the Constitution – because We The People reserved to ourselves the Right to Revolution.  That is a prerogative given us by the Founders, and when any government becomes as oppressive and authoritarian in its nature as our present Federal government has grown to be, it is our right and our duty to throw off that government…. yes? That is why we reserved to ourselves, always, the Right to Revolution. Glenn Beck, while you think on that, please always remember that there is no signature on the Constitution by or on behalf of the Federal (General) government. The only signatories on the document which created the Federal government are those of the States in compact.  Glenn, the States created it. They own it, and they can shut it down any time they wish.

Everything in your gut, Glenn, tells you that Cliven Bundy is a righteous man, with a good American family. And we who study the Constitution are screaming it out to you if you would just listen. But perhaps when your own people rise up publicly as Jerry has done here, and show you by example how to correct your perception to allow you to take proper action, you'll get the picture and make that last leap of faith into the world of true liberty fighters.

Jerry, as editor for Oath Keepers I'd like to offer you my sincere Salute. Thank you for an outstanding example for all Americans to admire. As for Glenn Beck, we love him, we forgive him, we encourage him to continue the opening of his mind as the past couple of years have shown he is capable, and we encourage him to follow your lead for the good of America.


Semper Fi, Bro!

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  • 6 thoughts on “New Hampshire 9/12 Project Leader, Jerry DeLemus Shines At Bundy Ranch

    1. Hey Jerry, You don’t represent me ! I believe you are a coward and a traitor to to USA. You hide behind god and the NRA . Resect the rule of law !

      1. Chris…apparently you do not personally know Jerry Delemus. He never claimed to represent you…and as far as a coward and a traitor….thats brave talk when your not face to face with him. He served with the US Marines…so a coward he is not…..nor a traitor. He stands for the Constitution and many good men stood with him at the Bundy Ranch? Were you there? Its easy to call people names over the internet….I always reserve that for face to facc…..or not at all. I seriously doubt that you know Jerry or you would not make false statements about a man you do not know. I would stand beside Jerry any day.

    2. Jamie
      Obviously you lack the ability to know right from wrong.Since you have fallen for the stupid I will ask why do you support those who have sold public lands to China. Supporting the Constitution is about supporting and defending America. When laws are passed that violate the Constitution it is the duty of real Americans to defy it.

      To frick
      Its obvious where your permanently resides. When all real Americans are gone and only unarmed libtards are left the real slaughter will begin and we will all be laughing from the great beyond

    3. When a “patriot” uses words as a natural born citizen, I immediatley know where there head is at. Up his own a hole.

      1. Frick and Frack….seeing that you do not use your real name, we know where your courage is at. I would not be too quick to judge people you do not know while you hide behind a computer screen making stupid statements and sound like a child.

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