OCT Regarding Bloomberg’s $50 Million Dollar Gun Control Funding Pledge

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Temple, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- With the announcement of Bloomberg’s incredible $50 million dollar pledge to programs that will further bind the hands of law-abiding citizens everywhere, Open Carry Texas remains a bright beacon of logic and freedom in the ever-expanding ocean of tyranny.

As Americans grow more and more passionate about their gun rights, we are seeing gun control proponents desperately throwing emotion and cash in our faces in an attempt to distract us from reality. Images of children, victims of abuse and shootings fill our screens, begging us to place even more restrictions on those who would wish to defend themselves.

In our nation’s history, we have seen similar tactics used by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and more. When the facts don’t support the agenda, emotion is used as a tool to persuade the masses.

This is where Open Carry Texas comes in, armed first and foremost with the FACTS.

  • The fact is, mass shootings tend to take place in “gun-free zones“, i.e. defenseless victim zones.
  • The fact is, the highest crime rates exist in the cities with the strictest gun laws, such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.
  • The fact is, thorough background checks already exist and are used today.
  • The fact is, according to the FBI, in 2011 more people were killed with clubs and hammers than any type of rifle.
  • The fact is, a recent study by researcher Gary Kleck shows that 92% of violent crimes are deterred by the mere presence of a firearm.
  • The fact is, two senators were recently recalled after passing more restrictive gun laws in their state.
  • The fact is, states such as Arizona and Florida saw an overwhelming drop in crime following the passage of open carry.

Despite pledging more than double what the NRA has spent in the last year, we feel that Bloomberg will be unsuccessful in his push to further the anti-gun agenda. His claim that this is about gun safety and not control is laughable at best, because, after all, pro-gun organizations such as the NRA and Open Carry Texas have always stressed the importance of not only gun education but primarily firearm safety.

Throwing massive amounts of money into the hat may help spread your message, Mr. Bloomberg, but Americans will continue to listen to what matters most– the facts.


About Open Carry Texas: Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation for all firearms, especially pistols; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters. Visit: www.opencarrytexas.org

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Seems the bottom line looks like this: Guns are bad for everybody except me and my friends; Obamacare is good for everybody except me and my friends.

I wonder when self-defense became unacceptable?