Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread

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Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread

Charlotte, NC –-(  Last week, we sent an alert asking Pennsylvania NRA members to report to our State and Local Affairs Division if their employer has a policy which prohibits employees from transporting to/from and storing firearms in their locked, private motor vehicles while parked at work, and the response has been overwhelming!

Within 24 hours, our office received hundreds of e-mails reporting these types of policies, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the local grocery store on the corner.

There seems to be a plethora of businesses micromanaging the lawful contents of one’s private vehicle at the workplace.

These policies are occurring in widespread proportions in the Keystone State, and something needs to be done.

These types of policies only serve to jeopardize the safety of employees commuting to and from the workplace, and the employer holds no liability if you fall victim to a violent crime during your commute.  You shouldn’t have to be the next potential victim of violent crime because you decided to seek employment at a steel company or a department store that arbitrarily bans the storage of firearms in your privately-owned vehicle.

Your NRA-ILA thanks all NRA members who responded.  This information will be an invaluable tool in advancing state “employee protection” legislation in Harrisburg.  We will be making “employee protection” a legislative priority this session, and so should the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Please contact your state legislators today and ask them to make employee protection a priority this session.  Tell them we want to work together to ban these types of arbitrary policies – and STOP the banning of firearms in one's private motor vehicle. Tell them that 23 states around the country have employee protection parking lot laws, and that Pennsylvanians should have the same rights as nearly half of the country.


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  • 2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread

    1. I sure hope all the Pennsylvanians who Obama said “cling to their Bibles and guns” will take a stand on any type of gun ban.

    2. Back in the early 90’s the NRA had members report to them any businesses that had the no guns allowed signs on their doors. I reported the businesses in my town, half hearty believing it would do any good. A week later all signs were gone. We need to do this with all businesses who do this, again, and also to all anti-gun businesses in general. If they don’t want us and our guns, we won’t enter their doors unarmed.

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