Rhode Island: Senate & House Committees to Hear Over a Dozen Gun Bills this Week

Rhode Island Capitol Building
Rhode Island Capitol Building

Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)-  Anti-gun state lawmakers continue their assault on the constitutional rights of Rhode Island gun owners this week in Providence.

Tomorrow, April 15 2014, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear a full slate of anti-gun bills starting at 6:00 p.m. in room 313 of the State House.  The anti-gun bills scheduled to be considered tomorrow only attack the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and do nothing to address violent crime or public safety.

More than a dozen gun bills are on the agenda for this Senate committee hearing that will go well into the evening tomorrow night.  Among the most egregious are:

Senate Bill 2632, sponsored by state Senators Joshua Miller (D-28), Donna Nesselbush (D-15), Catherine Cool Rumsey (D-34), Gayle Goldin (D-3) and Juan Pichardo (D-2), would impose burdensome restrictions on semi-automatic “assault weapons” and limit magazine capacity to an arbitrary ten rounds.  These bills will do nothing to address crime in Rhode Island.  Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law and will certainly violate any gun ban or magazine restrictions.  This bill will only handicap the ability of lawful citizens to defend themselves and their families by tipping the scales in favor of criminals.

Senate Bill 2622, sponsored by Senator Miller, and Senate Bill 2814, sponsored by state Senators Miller, Goldin and Harold Metts (D-6), are a direct attack on the concealed carry rights of Rhode Islanders.  These two anti-gun bills would change the state’s local law enforcement “shall-issue” carry permits to “may-issue.”  Currently, permits issued by local law enforcement are “shall issue,” and permits issued by the Attorney General are “may issue.”  These bills would make all permits issued in the state “may issue.”  The anti-gun sponsors of S.2622 and S.2814 understand that this change would give local law enforcement enough discretion to end all permit issuance by injecting their own anti-gun opinions into the permitting process.

Using the contact information provided at the bottom, please call AND e-mail members of the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose all anti-gun bills. 

Also, this Thursday, April 17, the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to hear and consider a sweeping ban on lead ammunition.  House Bill 7838, sponsored by state Representatives Arthur Handy (D-18), Teresa Tanzi (D-34), Christopher Blazejewski (D-2), Linda Finn (D-72) and Thomas Palangio (D-3), requires the use of non-lead ammunition for hunting whenever such ammunition is available.  Lead ammunition has been widely and safely used for generations with no population-level impacts on wildlife in Rhode Island.  Lead alternatives are costly and ammunition is already in short supply across much of the country.  This bill is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to target hunters and shooters.  H.7838 is scheduled to be heard upon Rise of the House this Thursday in the House Lounge of the State House.

Using the contact information provided below, please call AND e-mail members of the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee and insist that they oppose H.7838’s sweeping attack on traditional ammunition.

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Michael J. McCaffrey (D-29), Chairman
(401) 739-7576
[email protected]

Senator Paul V. Jabour (D-5), Vice-Chairman
(401) 751-3300
[email protected]

Senator Stephen R. Archambault (D-22)
(401) 276-5599
[email protected]

Senator William J. Conley, Jr. (D-18)
(401) 438-1924
[email protected]

Senator Dawson Tucker Hodgson (R-35)
(401) 203-3256
[email protected]

Senator Frank S. Lombardi (D-26)
(401) 453-3900
[email protected]

Senator Harold M. Metts (D-6)
(401) 272-0112
[email protected]

Senator Donna M. Nesselbush (D-15)
(401) 728-3244
[email protected]

Senator Leonidas P. Raptakis (D-33)
(401) 397-2720
[email protected]

House Environment and Natural Resources Committee:

Representative Arthur Handy (D-18), Chairman
(401) 785-8996
[email protected]

Representative Peter G. Palumbo (D-16), Vice-Chairman
(401) 785-2882
[email protected]

Representative Michael W. Chippendale (R-40)
(401) 497-4495
[email protected]

Representative John J. Lombardi (D-8)
(401) 453-3900
[email protected]

Representative Joseph M. McNamara (D-19)
(401) 941-8319
[email protected]

Representative Eileen S. Naughton (D-21)
(401) 738-7928
[email protected]

Representative William W. O’Brien (D-54)
(401) 440-4063
[email protected]

Representative Thomas A. Palangio (D-3)
(401) 248-8877
[email protected]

Representative Scott Slater (D-10)
(401) 741-7641
[email protected]

Representative Donna M. Walsh (D-36)
(401) 364-6433
[email protected]n.state.ri.us

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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