Secure Firearm Products Offering Shooters Super Savings At NRA Show On Target Systems & Gun Cases

Secure Firearm Products Track Moving Target
Secure Firearm Products Track Moving Target
Secure Firearm Products
Secure Firearm Products

Carl Junction, MO – -( Secure Firearm Products (SFP) will be offering super-saving discounts to all shooters—distributors, dealers, clubs, ranges and individuals attending the 2014 NRA Show, April 25-27th on all of their premier-quality target/shooting systems.

Stop by/register for a daily drawing to win a Secure Mat (Neoprene Magnetic Cleaning Mat) in Booth #4065.

SFP will be exhibiting and demonstrating the Track Mover; the Electro-Pneumatic Plate Rack; and the portable-Turning Target system. In addition, SFP will be showing the full- line of high-security handgun, shotgun, rifle and AR/Tactical Cases with their unique internal locking system. Gunsmith tools and accessories to be shown include the Universal Spring Tester, Secure Mat and the Model 1911-type Firing Pin tool.

SFP Track Moving Target
This target system consists of 1, 2 or 4 tracks. Unit can be purchased as a single track system and other tracks can be added later. Optional wireless control system will be available soon. Runs on 110vac. The systems uses a low voltage control system for safety. Standard track length is 80 feet and target speed is 10 ft/sec. Track length can be ordered in 10ft increments for a custom length if needed. Speed of the target can be regulated. System is perfect for NRA Bianchi Cup Moving Target Matches. It comes pre-programmed for Bianchi Cup Texas Mover and Moving Target (Modified) matches. This track mover is hot dip galvanized for long outdoor weather resistance.

SFP Locking Plate Rack
The SFP Locking Plate Rack is the only commercially available locking plate rack on the market. Standard unit comes with 8″ plates set 12″ edge to edge (Bianchi Spacing), other plate sizes are available. The AR-500 plates are bolted on so there are no welds to break and they can be changed in just a few minutes. The unit is modular in 2 plate groups so they can be easily taken down and stored if need be or used as 2 or 4 plate arrays. The Locking Plate Rack is also available as a manual reset and/or non locking option. The beauty is that those options can be added at a later date. This plate rack is hot dip galvanized for long weather resistance.

SFP Turning Target System
The Turning Target System is the only portable Turning Target System on the market. Standard unit comes with target centers at 4 1/2 ft. and 7 1/2 ft. (Standard Bianchi Barricade and Practical Spacing); other Target Center lines are available for a small upgrade. The unit is modular in 2 target sets and other sets can be daisy chained together using standard extension cords and air line. The targets in each 2 target group are mechanically linked with only 1 air cylinder turning each set. The target system is lightweight and can be moved to location when needed and can be easily taken down and stored

Secure Firearm Products is an American-based, family owned business producing quality shooting products since 2001. SFP Team Member, Tiffany Piper– 4 x NRA Bianchi Cup Jr. Champion; 2nd Place Lady 2013 Bianchi Cup, and New Zealand’s Top lady shooter will be in the SFP Booth (#4065) for Photo ops and autographs. And remember, Secure Firearm Products is Ready for Action with Movers, Turners, and Plate Racks,

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