The Definitive List – Stupid Things Anti-Gunners Say

Eric at the Gunmart Blog
Eric at the Gunmart Blog






United States –-( Yes… here it is. The definitive list of all the stupidly moronic things that anti-gunners say about guns, gun owners, and gun ownership in general.

Did I miss anything?

  • I carry a cell phone because a gun is too heavy.
  • When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away.
  • What do I have to be paranoid about? I have a superior intellect.
  • Guns kill people.
  • I don't carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere.
  • I'd rather need it and not have it than have it and not need it.
  • All guns are full-auto AK-47 machine guns.
  • I don't own a gun to keep from being killed.
  • I don't carry a gun because I feel inadequate. I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.
  • I don't own a gun because guns scare people.
  • Common sense gun laws.
  • I don't own a gun because it would make me feel like a man.
  • If your gun doesn't kill people then it must be broken.
  • I'd rather someone get raped than have a gun in their purse.
  • Gun Show loophole.
  • I don't own a gun for the same reason that I dont wear my seat belt.
  • Guns are the leading cause of death in America.
  • My car has never killed anyone.
  • I don't own a gun because I am not a racist.
  • Kumbaya.
  • You can buy a grenade at a gun shop.
  • If we banned all guns there would be no murder.
  • Guns kill more people than everything else combined.
  • I don't carry a gun because sometimes I'm kinda in a scary place.
  • I don't carry a gun because I'm evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.
  • The NRA writes our laws.
  • I don't carry a gun for the greater public good.
  • Gun owners are violent.
  • I don't own a gun because there are no limitations to government.
  • Only the police and the military should have guns.
  • Guns are designed to kill.
  • I don't carry a gun because I hate cowboys.
  • Shoulder thingy that goes up.
  • America has more murders than all other countries combined.
  • If a child even sees the image of a gun he will die.
  • If we put up this gun free zone sign then no one will ever get killed.
  • I don't carry a gun because the police will protect me.
  • The second amendment is antiquated and the constitution is a living document anyway and is open for interpretation.


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  • 18 thoughts on “The Definitive List – Stupid Things Anti-Gunners Say

    1. This is a legitimate article that was in a newspaper:

      “To all you hunters out there, shame on you! You go out and kill animals for food. You should go to a supermarket where the meat is made there and no animals get hurt!”

      People are stupid. In fact, I personally believe that hunting is more humane. The animal you are hunting has lived a free life, without any confinement. Cows and other farm animals have this little thing called ‘instincts.’ They know what is going to happen in that slaughterhouse. When hunting, the animal is, as I said, living a free life. It has no idea what is coming. When you pull the trigger and take down that deer, pheasant, turkey, or any other wild animal, it doesn’t hear the shot (ideally if you are a halfway-decent shot). The wild animal lived a free life, and was taken down without it seeing it coming. In agriculture, the animal knows. It is restless and terrified, not to mention crowded in large farms. It can tell death is coming. Put yourself in the place of each animal; which position would you rather be in?

      1. In a boxcar waiting for the oven.that may be sarcasim,but that’s what the anti gunners will get if they keep it up,and they will be the first….

    2. You missed something!

      It’s called rational discourse. I’m not being a smartass either. You should probably check it out if you want to help us defend the Second Amendment along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Emotional hyperbole isn’t taken seriously by anyone.

      You aren’t doing us, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, any favors with the ridiculous hyperbole.

    3. “When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away.”

      That is a pro-gun saying. It means police can’t always be there when you need them, so sometimes you must defend yourself.

      Unless you are suggesting anti-gunners actually believe waiting for police is an alternative to self-defense…

      (During the George Zimmerman trial, I saw plenty of anti-gunners saying since the police were on the way, Zimmerman should have just taken the beating a few more minutes instead of resorting to his gun.)

    4. Democrats, liberals and other socialists are easy to argue with since they always recite the party talking points, like BO and his prompter.

    5. while we’re praying for a cure for cancer, shouldn’t we also be praying for a cure for stupid??? just wondering…

    6. Other misconceptions by the liberal crowd:

      “Gun-owners live in trailer courts and can count their teeth on one hand.”

      “Gun-owners are just itchin’ for a fight.”

      “Gun-owners kill animals for fun, not for food. Food is found in grocery stores, not in the wild.”

    7. “Eric is a gun blogger, firearms enthusiast, and sorry excuse for a hunter.”

      Oh! Welcome to the club. In 50 years of hunting, I have killed 4 deer and 5 pheasants. At least it gets me out of the house.

    8. There are probably many more that could be added to that list. I had one anti gunner say that people don’t kill people guns do Well that person is no longer around due to the fact that she was beaten to death by her own son. These anti gunners have so much to learn and so much of what they have to say goes beyond the stupid factor.

    9. If guns kill people then why is it that the city of Kennesaw GA that has had a law on the books for over 20 years that requires every citizen of that lives in that city to own a hand gun and their crime rate is the lowest in the country and there has been no murders in over 2 years since the law was written. Would you want to commit murder in a city where you knew every one had a hand gun in their possession. NOT ME

    10. The “Executive Director” of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence admitted during a televised interview that she would not use a firearm to stop the rape of her OWN DAUGHTER.

      One more to add to the list:

      “I don’t carry a gun because my safety is someone else’s responsibility, and besides, I’m a complete dumbass and would probably shoot myself”.

    11. I once heard a gun rights haters say that she would rather be killed than use violence in self-defense. Would she stick to that principle if home invaders were doing horrible things to her family? I truly hope she’s never put to that test.

    12. This is the kind of twisted mentality that has brought this country to its knees. If seconds count, and the cops are only minutes away, guess what? You’re probably going to die because if you think that only the police and military should own guns, and it takes minutes for the cops to reach you, make your peace with God. And these so-called gun-free zones, well just look at Chicago. They have all these gun-free zones and the only ones dying in them are the unarmed. Mayor Fishbrain Emanuel is just as ridiculous as the POTUS! Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless. Keep your ammo dry and your eye on the target.

    13. Add to the list…maybe.
      “I don’t carry a gun because 0bama says the “safety” of our chilren depend on no one owning guns.”

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